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Why Is It So Hard to Pass Something So Good For the Country? by The Elephant's Child


The Keystone XL pipeline lost by one vote in the Senate today. It will return in January. In a floor speech by Senator John Thune (R-SD) urging a vote to approve the pipeline he said:

It’s just too bad that it took an election defeat and a runoff election to finally motivate the Democrat leadership to allow a vote on a measure that should have received a vote years ago. Because the fact is, Madam President, the Keystone XL pipeline really is, if there is such a thing, a win-win. It will create jobs. They argue about how many jobs. The president’s own State Department said it would support over 42,000 jobs. It will decrease our reliance on oil from dangerous countries. It will increase revenue to state and local governments. It will free up space on overcrowded rail lines so the farmers can get their goods to the marketplace. And it will do all of that, Madam President, without spending a dime of taxpayer money.

Senator Thune has it exactly right. The American people want the pipeline passed by huge numbers (over 60%). As an international project, it has to be approved by the State Department, and it has been, by the Clinton State Department, by the Kerry State Department, by the Governor of Nebraska. By the Canadians. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) who finds herself in a last-ditch pitch to fend off in an uphill battle to win over a GOP challenger in a runoff election next month.

What fascinates me is the extent to which Democrats behave like a cult. It is very clear that nobody is interested in the facts of the case. It’s all about what the other Democrats say. It’s a closed cycle in which no contradictory information is allowed, and no one bother to actually do any research. I give you Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer pointed out the potential health risks of laying the pipeline, including heart disease, increased hospitalization, and a higher prevalence of chemicals that “penetrate deeply into the lungs.”

“The facts are the facts are the facts,” she said. “If you’re not a scientist, then be humble and listen to the peer-reviewed scientists. They don’t have a special interest. They have an interest in giving us information we should base our decisions upon. “

Boxer also referred to the project as the “Keystone Extra Lethal Pipeline.”

Where do they get this stuff? Global warming, renamed “climate change” is about statistics, measurements of the average temperatures of the world. Climate change does not cause forest fires, floods, or heart disease. Transportation of oil by a pipeline is far safer and less liable to spills than transportation by rail or truck. There are no potential health risks of laying the pipeline, no increased heart disease, no increased hospitalization. That’s an old EPA trick. They try to justify whatever power grab they have in mind with dangers to asthmatic children, who make a good target since doctors don’t yet know what causes asthma.

Obama was just as clueless, and insulting to our Canadian ally as well.

Understand what this project is: It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. It doesn’t have an impact on U.S. gas prices.

It pumps the oil from the Bakken in North Dakota as well. Of course it has an impact on oil prices. Economics has no influence on the presidential mind.

Protesters chanted: “You can’t eat money, you can’t drink oil,” “keep the tarsands in the soil, we don’t want this dirty oil,” and “What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now.” Maybe Jonathan Gruber is correct. We are terminally stupid.


A Brief History of Global Warming and Global Cooling Panic by The Elephant's Child

“The White House forged ahead Monday with yet another piece of its climate change agenda and bragged that Republicans are powerless to stop it.” reported the Washington Times.

A presidential task force unveiled a report on how communities across the country can prepare for the effects of global warming. In all, the recommendations on “climate preparedness and resilience” could cost the federal government more than $100 billion to protect drinking water supplies, shore up coastlines against rising sea levels and take other preventive measures.

The rise in sea level is measured in millimeters, not feet. There has been no warming at all for over eighteen years. The ice is already forming on the Great Lakes, and it looks like we’re in for a really cold winter—yet the EPA is intent on shutting down as many coal-fired power plants as they can because they might emit carbon dioxide — which is a natural fertilizer that is making our forests grow and helping to feed the world. In New England, they had a hard time providing enough power last winter, and will have to depend on Canada to get through this one.

For at least 120 years climate “scientists” have been claiming that the climate is going to kill us all, they just keep switching to a global ice age or a hotter globe. Here’s a timeline of claims about the climate: (Do read it all)

  • 1895 Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again New York Times, February 1895
  • 1902 – “Disappearing Glaciers…deteriorating slowly, with a persistency that means their final annihilation…scientific fact…surely disappearing.” – Los Angeles Times
  • 1912 Prof. Schmidt Warns Us of an Encroaching Ice AgeNew York Times, October 1912
  • 1923 – “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada” – Professor Gregory of Yale University, American representative to the Pan-Pacific Science Congress, – Chicago Tribune
  • 1923 – “The discoveries of changes in the sun’s heat and the southward advance of glaciers in recent years have given rise to conjectures of the possible advent of a new ice age” – Washington Post
  • 1924 MacMillan Reports Signs of New Ice Age New York Times, Sept 18, 1924
  • 1929 – “Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that it will continue to get warmer” – Los Angeles Times, in Is another ice age coming?
  • 1932 – “If these things be true, it is evident, therefore that we must be just teetering on an ice age” – The Atlantic magazine, This Cold, Cold World
  • 1933 America in Longest Warm Spell Since 1776; Temperature Line Records a 25-Year Rise New York Times, March 27th, 1933
  • 1933 – “…wide-spread and persistent tendency toward warmer weather…Is our climate changing?” – Federal Weather Bureau “Monthly Weather Review.”
  • 1938 – Global warming, caused by man heating the planet with carbon dioxide, “is likely to prove beneficial to mankind in several ways, besides the provision of heat and power.”– Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
  • 1938 – “Experts puzzle over 20 year mercury rise…Chicago is in the front rank of thousands of cities thruout the world which have been affected by a mysterious trend toward warmer climate in the last two decades” – Chicago Tribune
  • 1939 – “Gaffers who claim that winters were harder when they were boys are quite right… weather men have no doubt that the world at least for the time being is growing warmer” – Washington Post
  • (Continued…keep reading)

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