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Here’s a $28.5 Million Surprise For Houston Taxpayers! by The Elephant's Child

HISD Students
A report from the Houston Independent School District (HISD) indicates that the influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America has led to an increased enrollment of 3,000 students. This is the largest student population since the 1970s. The total immigrant population for the school district is now 8,409 students.

Honduras, Mexico and El Salvador head the list of 43 nations from around the globe with immigrant students enrolled in the Houston school district.

David Anderson, general counsel for the Texas Education Agency told Texas school districts that the state pays about $7,900 per student to districts. These unaccompanied minors come with special needs, like free or reduced lunches, bilingual needs, so they are estimating about $9,500 per student to be paid to the districts. That comes in at a grand total of $28.5 million — assuming that is a solid estimate. Surprise! Extra special education teachers and counselors will be needed, who are bilingual,  and the $28 million may not even include the salaries of that number of extra employees.

So, apparently tomorrow Obama is going to announce his big amnesty plan. Who would have dreamed that one self-infatuated man could cause so much trouble, and do so much damage to the nation?

The United States of America has now slipped down to 21st among countries on the roster of individual freedom. Is that an unrelated fact?

So Who is This Jonathan Gruber Anyway? Everything You Wanted to Know: by The Elephant's Child

It’s quite clear that Dr. Gruber believes the American voter to be terminally stupid, unable to comprehend smart stuff like the Affordable Care Act. He is an economist at MIT, major contributor to the ObamaCare bill, yet unable to craft a law that is anything more than a political stunt, devised to sweep the public, over time, into a disastrous single-payer health-care system that will bankrupt the country and kill off  a lot of its customers earlier than necessary. Let’s face it, it’s lousy health insurance.

The federal government is unable to run a health care plan. Medicare in its current shape is going broke, hastened by the retirement of the Baby Boomers. It must be reformed, but Congress is scared to death to deal with it.  Meanwhile the government deals with it by paying doctors, hospitals and other providers less and less, and fewer and fewer doctors will accept Medicare payments.

Medicaid was meant to be insurance for those who could not afford insurance, and to get all the uninsured — insured. Studies show clearly that the uninsured have better health outcomes than those on Medicaid. Fewer and fewer doctors will see Medicaid patients at all. The Indian Health Service is said to be inferior to Medicaid.

And then there’s the Veterans Administration. The problems have been exposed in one of the Obama administrations worst scandals that has even had deaths among veterans waiting on an endless (probably non-existent) list for care. Wrapped up in fraud and self-serving  and public-sector unions, they can’t even manage to get rid of the people responsible.

You cannot take a medical system that everyone claims costs too much, add a vast bloated government bureaucracy on top, add on unnecessary freebies (like birth control that is extraordinarily cheap and will probably soon be offered over-the-counter) and claim that it will cost less than the free market. Inevitably, under such a system, doctors and hospitals would have to become government employees.

Dr. Gruber has a lot more to answer for than merely calling Americans stupid. It was not the American people who voted it into law, or who were fooled into thinking it was a good thing, but the Democrats in Congress. So the question becomes —just who were the stupid ones?

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