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Sorry, Senator Feinstein, The American People Don’t Agree. by The Elephant's Child


Ten days ago Dianne Feinstein issued the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s interrogation policy during the Bush years, long withheld, finally made public. The president said that it would endanger our embassies abroad, but it was important to be released because it offended his morals. Bragging that he’s really good at killing people (Honestly he did say this as a ‘joke’) does not offend his morals—which seem to be involved only when he needs an excuse for actions of his that are criticized by blaming Bush.

This was apparently supposed to be the ultimate put down of everything Bush, but the American people collectively said “ho-hum.” A Pew Research poll finds that the mainstream media and Democrats failed miserably in their big attack.

Only 29%  said that the methods used were unjustified. A majority of 51% considered them justified. A clear majority refused the media’s lies about these methods not working. A full 56% believed correctly that the intelligence gathered stopped future terror attacks. Only 28% disagreed.

Michael Ramirez took on the mainstream media. Too much media hype and ambulance chasing. Rolling Stone’s account of the University of Virginia rape hoax, media coverage and encouragement of the Ferguson riots and then their complete lack of coverage for other tragedies that didn’t fit their narrative was shameful. Perhaps people are getting a little tired of “the narrative.”

Greenpeace, Once Again, Embarrasses Itself and the World by The Elephant's Child


Peru Climate Change Conference

Greenpeace has always attempted big stunts to get the attention of the world press. The media is onto them and for the most part ignores them. You can see in the picture above that they are attempting to avoid major damage, but the Nazca Lines are incredibly fragile. The Nazca desert is unusually dry, and the plain is sheltered from the wind. Anything that disturbs the desert—like a footprint, for example —lasts for centuries.

The environmental activists from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Germany and Italy who conducted the stunt broke environmental regulations and permanently damaged a UNESCO site. The purpose of the Greenpeace action is supposedly the fight against climate change, but more obviously simply to promote Greenpeace than to do anything whatsoever for the environment. They also electronically projected a message on cliff walls at Machu Picchu and unfurled some banners on the cliffs in advance of the UN Climate Summit (COP20) in Peru. For Peruvians, these are sacred sites, and not for radical greens to use for tasteless stunts.

Remarkably stupid, but Greenpeace will do anything to get attention. They train the activists, regular people, they say, who made a personal choice to help save their world. Uh huh.

GreenPeace-unfurls-pro-solar-messageOne of their major efforts is to insist that Africans die from Malaria rather than safely spray their huts with small amounts of DDT. In Asia, the poor are extremely susceptible to Vitamin A deficiency in their diets, because their diet is reliant on rice in which the vitamin is entirely lacking. Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) affects about 250 million preschool children. Providing those children with vitamin A could prevent about a third of under age 5 deaths or roughly 2.7 million children could be saved from unnecessary deaths, irreversible blindness, impaired skeletal growth. Greenpeace’s actions have effectively prevented the use of Golden Rice, a variety of rice that has been genetically modified to include vitamin A.

108173_175761Greenpeace has threatened General Mills which has in cowardly or ill-informed fashion labeled Cheerios as “non genetically modified” thus bowing to the “natural” food devotees and informing them that “Non GMO” foods are a correct position. I understand that the battle for shelf-space and customers is constant in the grocery business, but the ignorance of food faddists should not be catered to. In any grocery store your will find appeals to those who favor “natural” food (ever ask yourself which foods are “unnatural?”). “Organic” is merely a marketing ploy by purveyors of food grown with only “natural ” manure, and no use of nasty “chemical” fertilizers. But if you want to spend 30% more for your food, for no nutritional benefit whatsoever, that’s  your problem.  But the promotion of GMO Free foods is killing kids and contributing to blindness. If American women refuse to buy genetically modified food, there must be something wrong with it, and governments are suspicious and afraid.

Dr. Henry Miller, the founding director of the FDA’s Office of Biotechnology, and fellow at the Hoover Institution has written:

A 2001 Food and Drug Administration guidance document warns against using terms like “not genetically modified” or “GMO free,” because ” ‘genetic modification’ means the alteration of the genotype of a plant using any technique, new or traditional,” and “consumers do not have a good understanding that essentially all food crops have been genetically modified.” Thus, according to the FDA, changing the Cheerios label to say, “Not Made With Genetically Modified Ingredients,” with no further context, would be inaccurate, or at least misleading. That would make the product “misbranded,” and selling it would violate federal law.

Although so-called GMOs and ingredients derived from them don’t constitute a “category” of food products, antitechnology activists have seized on the term “genetically modified” because they know it conjures up lurid if inaccurate images of “Frankenfood” and “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”

Don’t buy any foods labeled “non GMO.”  And here’s why you should never pay any attention  to Greenpeace.

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