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More Silly Regulations Exposed! What’s In That Hot Sauce? by The Elephant's Child

Gringo-Bandito-Collage-BottlesFederal regulators all too frequently send out silly decrees. What may have seemed necessary in the cubicles of a federal agency often causes consternation in the offices of the maker and distributor of the product, as well as unnecessary expense. We find the regulators are usually way out of line, and we are deeply pleased when the victims strike back. A recent victim is Gringo Bandito, a maker of a hot hot sauce. They were notified that they are required by federal law to list the nutrition facts of its hot sauce on the bottle. Unfortunately it is unwise to strike back at federal regulators.

Just below the list of disclosure of calories, carbs, fats and protein, Gringo Bandito included a note:

“Hot Sauce really doesn’t have nutritional value. It’s vinegar and peppers, for God’s sake. What did you expect? Why are you even trying to determine the nutritional value of hot sauce? Just enjoy it!”

There are a few products where the nutritional value may make a difference, and the purchaser may actually read the list. In most cases there really isn’t room on the label so the type gets small and condensed — and becomes unreadable, even with a magnifying glass. Yet the regulation has been complied with and the manufacturer cannot be fined. Such is the world of federal regulation.

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