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32,004 People Were Killed in 2014 in the Name of Islam by The Elephant's Child


Unbelievable. The world is demonstrating against Islamic jihad, and the White House blandly announced that they would dredge up the old idea of convening a “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.” The world is protesting murder in France because a cartoon “offends.” A 10-year-old little girl is outfitted with a suicide vest in Nigeria and sent into a marketplace to be exploded remotely killing and wounding at least 20 people.

In 2014 alone — 32,004 people were killed in the name of Islam, and the President of the United States cannot bring himself to say “Islam” or “jihad” or even “terror,” but merely the euphemism “violent extremism.” It may be violent and it may be extremism, but the words slide off the tongue like stale room-temperature gruel.

Hillary was last heard from, babbling about the need to empathize with our enemies, and understand their  point of view. But then it was Hillary who told the parents of the Americans killed in Benghazi that that nasty little man who made a video that hardly anyone saw would be put in jail, and so he was.

You cannot address “violent extremism” if you cannot have the courage to even name terror as the weapon in play.

Euphemism is the chosen weapon of the Left for dealing with unpleasant circumstances — “workplace violence” to keep from identifying an American army officer as an Islamic jihadist. And there was “man-caused disaster.” Is it all just a ploy to avoid being associated with the hated Bush? Pathetic.

The pictures of heads of state from the West marching arm in arm was moving, Netanyahu came from Israel, and neither President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry nor Attorney General Holder were in attendance. That was noticed. There is apparently no protocol aide at the White House.

We cannot seem to think clearly and make clear judgments. The emotional needs of chickens are of enough concern recently to disrupt the supply of eggs in the grocery stores. Endangered species pop up and disappear depending on their usefulness as court cases for environmentalists. People who live in apartments in cities, lobby for reintroducing wolves, grizzlies and cougars  to territory that was finally free of them, ready to kill unwary hikers.

Kevin Williamson has one of his excellent columns reminding us all of the meaning of being human. Can we all just try to think clearly and speak plainly?

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