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Adventures in Finding a Trustworthy Repairman by The Elephant's Child

Sorry about the late and light posting. My refrigerator quit. ( Takes time to realize that it isn’t cooling anything.) Finding a repairman, going for ice for the cooler, throwing out things that had spoiled just takes time —way too much time, and it’s icky besides.

A new industry has sprung up — that of screening repairmen and examining their credentials. One organization that has been advertising on the radio as a source to go to for qualified people for any household need is big on the advertising, but completely lacking in the screening and credentialing department. They had blocks on their website for such things as accreditation, licenses, testimonials, etc. but few were even filled in. Beware! Another, you have to join to get their recommendations.

I went with Yelp, and was quite satisfied with their comments from users. And with the repairman, who was efficient and prompt.

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the struggle is real


Comment by lidsamy

I found it interesting that there were so many businesses offering themselves as “guides,” and their ratings so questionable. Wonder how many are charging repairmen to be listed? Not ethical, but probably what is actually happening.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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