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The State of the Union Speech: What Will He Say? What Should He Say? by The Elephant's Child

The American Enterprise Institute has a symposium featuring twenty-one of their scholars on the question of “What President Obama should say in his State of the Union speech, and What he will say.” A few brief excerpts, but you will enjoy the whole thing:

Danielle Pietka:
How does one advise a man who believed a ball game was a better use of his time than a march against terrorism attended by dozens of his allies and fellow leaders?…

Because they do not understand that for Barack Obama, many of these are success stories; or to put it another way, isn’t Assad isolated? Don’t we almost have a deal with Iran? Look at Putin struggling, Castro releasing political prisoners. Look at the wars that have ended, China’s cooperation on the world stage, and recognize that while hundreds of thousands have died throughout the Middle East at the hands of terrorists, there has been no attack on American soil.

The question for Mr. Obama, of course, is are these real successes?  And at what price have they been achieved?  Only the next president, to whom Obama will bequeath a global disaster scene of almost epic proportions, will understand the impact of the unprecedented global retreat this administration has sustained over two terms.

Jim Talent:
The president believes that military power should not be the only or primary means America uses to defend its interests and pursue its foreign policy. …But the efficacy of those tools depends on the perception, among allies and adversaries alike, that the United States has the resolve and capability to defend itself if necessary. That capability is rapidly disappearing; without a change of course, it won’t matter how the president maneuvers in the global crises that are threatening to overwhelm him, and us.

Tom Donnelly:
What should our commander-in-chief, Barack Obama, say about our wars and the condition of our military in his State of the Union speech?

“During my last two years in office, I will try not to make it worse.”

Gary Schmitt:
President Obama’s State of the Union Address will fall short—indeed, will be irresponsible—if he doesn’t take note of the increasingly problematic state of the world.

Benjamin Zycher:
It is unfortunate that the president will shunt reality aside in the context of energy and environmental policy. He will argue that renewable power—expensive, unreliable, and environmentally destructive—is clean, and both cheap and in need of continued subsidies. He will take credit for the large increase in US oil and gas production that has taken place on private land even as production on federal land has declined.

I hope that piques your interest. Lots more, great fun.

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