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Here ‘s What Leadership Looks Like, If Anybody’s Interested. by The Elephant's Child

screen shot 2015-02-05 at 12.25.29 pm.pngJordan’s King Abdallah was in Washington when the ISIS video of the immolation of 1st Lt. Mo’az al Kaseasbeh broke onto the airwaves. The King had been asking for some help with the massive waves of refugees who have flooded into his small country from the ongoing Syrian civil war. He borrowed some clear words from Clint Eastwood and vowed to make the “earth shake” against the terrorists who had murdered the 26 year-old pilot.

The king said the terrorists had no claim to the name Muslim — a powerful statement as the King is a direct descendant of Muhammad.The King was educated in England and the United States and with British and U.S. help developed the “shrewdest and most professional intelligence and special operation capability in the Arab world.

The Jordanian Special Operations Command was founded in 1963. Before he became king, Abdallah commanded the Special Operations Command. He also created Jordan’s  Special Operations Training Center, a live-fire training center devoted to special operations and anti-terrorism. Along the way, like his father, he learned to pilot a Cobra attack helicopter. Adam Garfinkle added that “like his father, apparently, he likes to go really fast, make noise, and break things.”

There was a moving expression of compassion for the grieving family and friends of the dead pilot in their village, with the King and Queen Rania offering comfort and promising that their son’s death was not in vain.

So Jordan is taking the war to the terrorists. Two death row terrorists were promptly executed.

As bombing missions took off, with the warning to the terrorists that they were now “meeting the Jordanians for the first time,” half of Jordan’s air force flew over the humble village of the murdered pilot to assure it what the mission was about.

The Jordanians released their own film of ISIS targets being blown away by Jordanian forces, which at last count left 55 terrorists dead on the desert floor, and more to go.

An example of leadership from a small country in the Middle East. not exactly “leading from behind.”

“Organic” Is the Latin Word for “There’s One Born Every Minute” by The Elephant's Child

I couldn’t resist this one. I just got my weekly Trader Joe’s flyer in the mail talking about their offering of everything organic and some trendy new pressed juice. Grocery stores have a lot to answer for. They are catering to the Gwyneth Paltrows of the world who fall for every ludicrous foodie fantasy. I get ticked off when their ignorant protests against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) prevent poor Asian children from getting the golden rice that would prevent death and blindness for so many.

Headline and video borrowed from Maggie’s Farm, who borrowed it from someone else. Welcome to the internet.

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