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Hee-Hee. The EPA Embarrasses Itself Again! by The Elephant's Child

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy proved to be remarkably clueless in a Senate hearing on her request for $8.6 billion to help in the fight against the horrors of climate change.

She claimed that the increased frequency of droughts due to warming, was due to mankind’s increased production of greenhouse gasses, notably carbon dioxide which the EPA seems to think is a pollutant.  CO² is a natural fertilizer for plant growth, essential to life on earth through the photosynthesis process, and since we exhale it with every breath—not likely a dangerous pollutant.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told Ms. McCarthy that Dr.Bjorn Lomberg from the Copenhagen Institute and Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. of the University of Colorado had both written that we have had fewer droughts in recent years, and asked “Do you dispute that?”

Ms. McCarthy responded that she “didn’t know in what context he was making statements like that.” Context?

Dr. Pielke, a professor of Climate Science, told the Senate environment48.6 billion and public works subcommittee in July 2013, that droughts have “for the most part have become shorter, less frequent and cover a smaller portion of the US over the last century. “Globally, there has been little change in drought over the last 60 years. (There goes the theory that climate change is the reason for the rise of ISIS. Yes really, they were claiming that).

Sen. Sessions then asked Ms. McCarthy if we have had more or fewer hurricanes in the last decade? She responded that she could not answer because “it’s a very complicated issue.” Only if basic math is complicated. The last hurricane to hit America as strong as a category 3 or higher was Wilma, which hit Florida in October of 2005. Superstorm Sandy was barely Category 1. The damage came from a storm surge, not the hurricane winds.

The senator inquired about the increase in global temperatures. There has been very little if any increase in temperatures in the last 18 years—90% below what the computerized climate models predicted that temperatures would increase.  Ms. McCarthy replied that she didn’t know “what the models actually are predicting that  you are referring to.”

From the Administrator of the EPA, attempting to justify a request for $8.6 billion, that ill-informed knowledge of basic and widely circulated facts about climate change are pretty stunning, but not all that surprising.  For the zealots, global warming is a religion — a war that must be fought to save the earth and bring about that ‘better world’ that zealots are so sure is out there — somewhere.


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I still say the climate naysayers will be in for a big surprise if they live long enough to see 2050. The earth does go through cycles due to sun activity but the last 200 years of burning of fossil fuel and greenhouse effect seem fairly undeniable. The human footprint now has an influence that has never before added another variable to the equation. Pacific islanders continue to abandon their homes due to sea level increase.


Comment by Carl D'Agostino

This all started because the climate modellers saw the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere climbing, and at the same time it was getting a little warmer. Unfortunately, trying to replicate the earth’s climate in a computer program was basically — impossible. They thought they could predict the future, but they couldn’t predict even the present when they already knew what it was.

The “warming” only amounted to about a degree in a century, and for the past 18 years there has been no warming at all — according to satellite measures — the only valid measurements because the surface stations were located in urban heat islands, next to air-conditioner exhaust, where pavement reflected, and could not be relied upon. At the same time world temperatures are staying essentially the same or declining slightly, CO2 is continuing to climb, unrelated to temperature. CO2 is not a pollutant, It is a beneficial gas that is a natural fertilizer, and the earth is greening as a result. The major greenhouse gas is — water vapor, otherwise known as clouds, and we don’t have much understanding of the effect of clouds. Just watch the sky on a nice day. Greenhouse gasses are what protects us from the freezing cold of space, and a good thing.

“Climate naysayers” as you call them, are only skeptics about the panic a la Al Gore who has the oceans rising by feet a minute (measured in a centimeter a year or less) hurricanes, drought, storms (weather, not climate), The climate is always warming and cooling. Certainly man has had an effect, forests have been cut down and replaced by farm crops, and urban heat islands, but it seems not to be a big deal. Whether the current cold is just a temporary phase (no sunspots) or we are entering a new ice age is unknown. Nobody can predict the future. Weathermen get it right only a few days ahead. Not to worry, man can adapt.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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