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A Question of Character. by The Elephant's Child

hillary clintonHillary’s greatest problem is that though she has a profound interest in politics, she has really lousy political instincts. That is a sense of the right thing to do and a sense for how one’s actions will appear to others. The Clinton administration was full of controversy, the travel office scandal erupted early, as did Hillary’s expectation of being Bill’s co-president.

What she learned instead was a defensiveness and self-protective attitude that led to lies and concealment. Bill had pretty good political instincts, and a good-old-boy, aw-shucks grin that served him pretty well. You would think that observing Lois Lerner and her e-mail scandal would have alerted Hillary to potential troubles, but instead it led her to have her own private server installed in her home. Secretiveness replaced openness. When you try to pretend openness as a protective pose — nobody believes you anyway. It’s too late.

Good political instincts would have prevented the whole catastrophe of Benghazi. Deposing Muammar Gaddafi, refusing security to the ambassadorial mission, denial of the nature of the terrorist attackers, refusing help to the embattled American contractors, and then the absurd attempt to blame it all on a short, dumb video, and then Hillary met the plane with the bodies returning to the United States, and assured mourning parents that they would get the guy who made the video.

Any careful read of Hillary’s history should prevent her from ever being considered as “the first woman president” which seems to be her aim. I don’t accept the idea of first of this sex, first of this ethnicity, first of this color. That is not what is important about a person’s qualifications, but rather their accomplishments and their character. Can we trust them with high office? Do they have a good understanding of American history and character? Do they have a good mind? Do they have good political instincts?  Trust it to the Left to always put the emphasis on the wrong things.


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Hillary is about as politically tone-deaf as they come. If she gets the nomination (and that is “if”… Obama pretty much came from nowhere in 2008, nothing to show someone couldn’t do the same in 2016), she’ll only win the presidency by her limp political carcass being dragged over the finish line.

She actually is a pretty decent attorney by all accounts. But the problem is that she thinks legal nitpicking will work for her (hey, it worked for Billy Jeff, didn’t it?). But in this case, it’s not going to be that effective. Server was set up for her husband? Show us one email he sent on it (his aides say he has only ever sent 2 emails in his life – both while he was in office). Don’t want to reveal personal emails? Why did you put yourself in the position where you might have to? The argument that Colin Powell and Dick Cheney used private email servers won’t wash, either; both used government servers for official correspondence, and their email and online records are available. Hillary claims to have taken an “unprecedented” step in turning over emails to the State Department, and she’s right; no one who has worked at State has ever had to be asked to turn over their record for archiving.

This is going to be a wound that won’t heal.


Comment by Lon Mead

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