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Obama: I’ll Try To Make the Case to the American People After I Make a Deal With Iran by The Elephant's Child

155623786-550x377Obama said yesterday, that he will wait until after a nuclear deal with Iran is made to make the case to the American people that it is the right thing to do. Um, was I just saying something about political instincts?

President Obama was asked about the Republican letter to the Mullahs in Iran. Democrats are having a protracted hissy-fit that members of Congress would dare communicate with Iran, forgetting that Ted Kennedy, for example, went to Russia and tried to get them to help out in an American election, or Nancy Pelosi’s running off to Syria to schmooze with Bashar Assad. The 47 senators who signed the letter simply felt it necessary to inform the Iranians of how deals are made with this country, according to the Constitution, and that to be valid, they must be agreed to by Congress.

A member of the press asked Obama, can you comment on the Republican letter to Iran? Can  you comment on that?


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To be perfectly honest, I’d say that this letter was an attempt, once again, to try and get Obama to do something he’s never done in his entire time as President; work with Congress BEFORE the deal is done, rather than try and hand off the usual incoherent mess he creates and tell Congress to make it work.

Ahhhh… hope springs eternal in the human breast…


Comment by Lon Mead

I think you’re right. Obama believes that a “deal” with Iran will be his great second term accomplishment to equal ObamaCare in his first term, at least according to Ben Rhodes. It will probably be just as much of a mess, but he simply doesn’t understand who and what he is dealing with. Iran actually has a “Death to America Day.” like we have the Glorious Fourth or even Christmas. That’s the part of their dealings that you can believe.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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