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The Prediction Was That the Manatees Are Doomed by The Elephant's Child

manatees1From Don Surber, “The Scorekeeper

The prediction from The Save The Manatees Club:

“Perhaps the most challenging obstacle that manatees will face with a changing climate is a lack of financial resources dedicated to the protection of this species. As human priorities shift to disaster reduction, concern for wildlife may decrease, and agency funding may shift away from individual species.”

The Reality, the population of Manatees is Up 25%

The Tampa Times reported that : Researchers counted a record numbers of manatees in Florida’s warm inland waters this winter, with the robust population numbers serving as ammunition in the simmering war over whether to restrict human interaction with the sea cows. The Feb. 20 tally, conducted by a team of 20 observers from 11 organizations, counted 6,063 manatees in Florida, 3,333 along the east coast and 2,730 on the west coast. The total is about 25 percent more than were counted last year.

From Dr. Katie Tripp, Director of Science and Conservation, Save the Manatee Club:

Imagine a Florida where the coral reefs have dissolved, droughts are the norm, humans are abandoning multi million dollar coastal homes and retreating inland, daily high tides flood the streets of coastal cities and neighborhoods, and exotic species outnumber natives. Climate change could make this scenario a reality for the sunshine state, with some impacts being observed within as few as 10 years.

The global warming crowd is, as usual, completely wrong. It’s the “We’re Doomed” crowd, always ready to claim a coming catastrophe.

Always ready to create an organization dedicated to collecting funding and doing feel-good publicity, but never interested enough to actually study the science.

The polar bears are also increasing nicely.


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“Perhaps the most challenging obstacle that manatees will face with a changing climate is a lack of financial resources…”

Yes, manatees are known for not having any money.

“Imagine a Florida where…”

We have to imagine it, because even though these people have been making these claims for at least as long as I’ve been alive, not one of these predictions has come close to being true.

“Climate change COULD…”

It could, it might, it is possible; If a bullfrog had wings, it wouldn’t bump his ass hoppin’. What’s up with these people these days? They used to be so much more, you know, CERTAIN about certain doom.


Comment by Lon Mead

Oh, and


Comment by Lon Mead

And now that I’ve had the chance to check in with my sister, who does volunteer work at the excellent Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, FL; Warmer weather would only help manatees.They thrive in warmer water.


Comment by Lon Mead

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