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More of Obama’s Idiotic Claims About the Health Crisis Caused by Global Warming. by The Elephant's Child
April 19, 2015, 9:43 pm
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As we have mentioned, President Barack Obama is warning that climate change will start affecting Americans health in the near future, and he’s recruiting top technology companies to help prepare the nation’s health systems.

The administration unveiled a series of initiatives Tuesday to help moderate the effects it says a warming planet will have on increasing smog, lengthening allergy seasons and increasing risks of extreme weather-related injuries.

“The challenges we face are real, and they are clear and present in people’s daily lives,” said senior presidential adviser Brian Deese in a telephone conference call with reporters on Tuesday. Seven in 10 doctors are seeing effects on their patients’ health from climate change that is “posing a threat to more people in more places,” Deese said.

“Seven in ten doctors are seeing effects on their patients’ health from climate change that is posing a threat to more people in more places.” Mr. Deese is a “senior presidential advisor,”so he must be responsible for this preposterous bit of spin. How does stuff like this get said publicly? Is this what the president told them to say? Did he dream it up himself? Did he think no one would call him on it?

Google, based in Mountain View, California, has donated 10 million hours of high-performance computing to help scientists work to eliminate the spread of infectious disease. The Internet search company also will provide staff time to help the scientists create early warning capabilities and public disease-risk maps, according to the White House statement.

Microsoft, the software maker based in Redmond, Washington, is developing drones that would collect mosquitoes and conduct gene-sequencing and pathogen detection, the administration said in its statement. The drones can offer early alerts to authorities about rapidly spreading disease.

The administration has clearly decided to make war on the unbelievers. They cite Ted Cruz who pointed out in an interview in Texas that the satellite data demonstrates that there has been no significant warming for over 17 years.

The Obama administration believes there is “an increasing awareness and acceptance” that climate change exists, Deese said. The administration has also found that highlighting the health risks poised by climate change has helped build traction on the issue.

“One thing that we know is, the most salient arguments around climate change are associated with the health impacts and meeting people where they are,” Deese said.

These are weasel words. There is no information there. Of course climate change exists. Nobody denies that. The climate is always changing constantly and has done so for millions of years. Read those last two paragraphs again. This is how you try to panic people with carefully chosen words that say nothing, nothing at all. “The most salient arguments around climate change are associated with the health impacts and meeting people where they are.” Well, you can’t meet people where they aren’t, now can you? Take away: If you don’t go along with us on global warming, you’re going to get sick and die.

Do you suppose that Google is going to track the diseases brought across the border by the illegal immigrants Obama flooding into the country? The latest is drug-resistant tuberculosis. If anyone gets infected they can just blame it on global warming.

ADDENDUM: It has been reported that promising science students are no longer interested in going into climate science. This has been going on for some time. The area is too controversial, so only second rate science students are interested.


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7 out of 10 doctors, you say?

For what ever reason, I’m reminded of an old advertisement for Chun King Chow Mein, that had a picture of ten men in lab coats. The ad said “9 out of 10 doctors recommend Chun King Chow Mein”. Nine of the men in lab coats were Chinese (the tenth was none other than the ad’s creator, the late Stan Freberg).

How much you wanna bet that the seven out of ten doctors who “are seeing effects on their patients’ health from climate change” are receiving some sort of payment for research into the effects of climate on health?


Comment by Lon Mead

But he’s already done that with the great bunch of “doctors” all in their white coats in the Rose Garden. Did they have their stethoscopes around their necks? The Obama team has always been good at the theatrics. Obama won reelection with the picture of himself hugging Donna Vanzant, who had just lost her marina, after Hurricane Sandy. She was weeping, He promised succor from himself and promptly from FEMA. Ms. Vanzant never heard from either again, but the picture went viral, and showed the people that Obama “cared” and Romney (who put his dog on top of his car) didn’t.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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