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A New Species of Frog Has Been Found in Puerto Rico. No, Not Kermit, the Other One. by The Elephant's Child
April 21, 2015, 10:58 pm
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A new species of glass frog has been discovered in Puerto Rico that looks remarkably like our friend Kermit. They are called “glass frogs” because they are so transparent that you can see their organs inside their skin.

Just a reminder that there are many things undiscovered on this remarkable earth. They have just decided that the sage grouse is no longer endangered, but it’s sub-species might be. The record of “endangered species” is a little fuzzy. It’s very hard to tell if the species exists only here, but not over there. Small numbers in one place don’t mean there aren’t more over on the other side of the mountain.

Very often the problem is a specific predator which has multiplied. Or it’s a simple matter of miscounting. Extinct species have been discovered to be thriving in another location. It is complicated, and environmentalists lie. Fear of an endangered species going extinct brings more funding into environmentalist group coffers. They have always counted on especially appealing species like harp seals and polar bears to bring in the money.

Yet how amazing that a tiny new frog has been discovered, and how would anyone know if it went extinct? They could be hiding anywhere. Cute little fellows though. If he didn’t look so much like Kermit, you’d never hear about it. Which says something about our society.


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