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Wait, It Wasn’t Supposed to Be Like This! U.S. Emergency Room Visits Keep Climbing, as Do Costs by The Elephant's Child
May 4, 2015, 10:20 pm
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The Democrats made Obamacare their priority because they are social missionaries whose goal is to ‘fundamentally transform’ the United States of America, as Obama warned five days before the 2008 election. Creating a massive new program that would absorb one-sixth of the economy and make every American dependent on government for his health needs was the first item on the Democrats’ missionary agenda.They saw it as a milestone on the way to a brave new future. That is the way progressives think, and their opponents had better understand what that means, Progressives are not in politics to tinker with the existing system…They are in politics to transform the way Americans live. *

Emergency-room visits continued to climb in the second year of the Affordable Care Act, contradicting the law’s supporters who had predicted a decline in traffic as more people gained access to doctors and other health-care providers. Medicaid recipients are having trouble finding doctors who will accept their coverage.Naturally, to keep costs down, Progressives have tried to save money by paying doctors less. Doctors are all rich, and health care is supposed to be a service, isn’t it? So, as we warned them, Medicare recipients who cannot find a doctor wind up in the emergency room as well. which costs significantly more than were they allowed to see a doctor in the first place.

“There was a grand theory the law would reduce ER visits,” said Dr. Howard Mell, a spokesman for ACEP. “Well, guess what, it hasn’t happened. Visits are going up despite the ACA, and in a lot of cases because of it.”

The health law’s impact on emergency departments has been closely watched because it has significant implications for the public. ER crowding has been linked to longer wait times and higher mortality rates.

The very grandeur of their ambition turns progressives into zealots. They dream of using the power of the state to make everyone equal and to take care of everyone’s needs. They are going to legislate—and dictate—social equality and social justice. How intoxicating is that idea? It explains why progressives approach politics differently from conservatives. It doesn’t matter to progressives that the massive entitlement programs they created — Social Security and Medicare—are already bankrupt. They can take care of that by making wealthy people pay their “fair share.”Progressives believe that if they can appropriate enough money and accumulate enough power, they can make their glorious future work. …No Republican in his right mind thinks like this.*

Longer wait times and higher mortality rates? Where else have we heard stories like this?  Oh yes, those splendid government programs the VA, Medicare, the Indian Health Service. Happened in Massachusetts Care too. You can’t make medical care more affordable by adding massive governmental departments on top and increasing regulation, like adding a tax on each piece of medical equipment.  Progressives never understand that their “glorious future” has been tried and failed over and over, under various names, that always turn out to be just plain old tyranny in the end.

*David Horowitz Take No Prisoners,(New York,Regnery, 2014)

Live Long and Prosper, and Drink Lots of Coffee. by The Elephant's Child
May 4, 2015, 7:34 pm
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For years, the food police have been trying to demonize anything that gives people pleasure to eat or drink. Think of the current state of fast food, the case a few days ago when a mother sent her 5 year-old little girl to school with a lunch that included some Oreos for desert. The teacher took the kid’s lunch away and sent it home with a nasty note to the mother about “healthy” lunches. The school later apologized for the teacher, but it is an all too common occurrence, and silly. Everyone is prepared to tell everyone else just what they may eat. I’m sure Michelle Obama meant well, but her school lunch program has been a disaster.

But returning to the food police: Coffee has been a particular goal as something to be eliminated. Several very large studies have determined that coffee is actually a healthy beverage. People who drink the most coffee live longer and have a reduced risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Coffee seems to contain a lot of antioxidants, one of the biggest sources of antioxidants in the Western diet.

The sweet spot seems to be 4-5 cups a day. Both decaf and regular coffee had the same results. They found that coffee drinkers were less likely to die from infections, injuries, accidents, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. This is an observational study which cannot prove that coffee caused good results, but coffee isn’t the villain that the food police claimed. There are many other studies, and there is even a study from Harvard showing that coffee may make you happier, reducing the risk of depression by 20% and the risk of suicide by 53%. They might want to check with the Brits who are more inclined to drink tea. I’ve always been a big coffee drinker, so I’m glad that something I consume is on the favorable list.

101 Year-Old Funchu Tamang Pulled From the Rubble In Kathmandu on Saturday. by The Elephant's Child
May 4, 2015, 3:18 pm
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Here is Funchu Tamang,101 years old, who was pulled from the rubble of his collapsed home on Saturday, a very long seven days after the earthquake. Eight Britons were rescued from a remote mountain monastery. The Daily Mail has more pictures and more earthquake coverage. Rescuers had given up hope of more survivors and turned their attention to remote villages.

The death toll rose to 7,500 on Saturday, with more than 14,000 injured. More than 100 were also killed in India and China. The death toll is expected to climb once again as they reach thousands in remote Himalayan areas. Nepal has been forced to close its only international airport to large jets flying in relief supplies and aid workers because the only runway cannot handle the strain of the stream of aircraft flying in to help. Medium and smaller jets will still be allowed to land.

Relief workers say it is now a race against time to get desperately needed shelter, food and clean water to survivors in the remote villages. Many are tiny villages perched on the side of mountains where it is difficult or impossible for helicopters to land.

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