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Here’s What Close Air Support Looks Like by The Elephant's Child

Let’s hear it for the venerable A-10 Warthog. Old and ugly, but beloved by the troops for it can get up close and personal with the enemy. The Air Force wants to retire the planes, which are currently needed, in favor of turning the upkeep funds towards the next generation F-35, which seems to constantly be in need of more money. This video gives an idea of what it can do. Put it on full screen and enjoy.  Representative Martha McSally (R-Arizona) a retired Air Force Colonel who has been an A-10 pilot is fighting to keep the Air Force from retiring the A-10 thirteen years ahead of schedule.

ADDENDUM: 5/14 – Detachments of U.S. warplanes are operating throughout the Baltic region, sending a reassuring message to our allies—and a warning to Russia. Defense wonks call it a theatre security package or TSP. This is a first in Europe. Previous ones have been deployed to Asia. They are actively conducting surveillance and intelligence gathering missions, which we know because a Russian SU–27 almost collided with an American surveillance airplane, the Boeing RC–135U. Its specialty is collecting intel on opposing radar, by spotting and analyzing emissions from the ground. It provides a vital map of the location and types of radar that guard Russian borders.


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