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ISIS is Recruiting ‘Thousands’ of young American Muslims on the Internet, and We Are Not Responding. by The Elephant's Child
May 13, 2015, 10:18 pm
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FBI Director James Comey last week testified that the terrorist group ISIS is using social media to attract and radicalize “maybe thousands” of Muslim Americans  to “kill kill kill.” Discouraging young Muslims from joining ISIS has become a wartime imperative. We must have an answering message. Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson warns that one or more of these ISIS recruits could strike at any moment on orders directed through Twitter. One of the American Muslims who opened fire in Garland Texas at the free speech event, traded calls for violence on Twitter with ISIS fighters. The warnings have prompted the Pentagon to elevate its threat level on U.S. military bases to Bravo. Judicial Watch has warned that there are ISIS training camps just 8 miles south of the border.

U.S. Intelligence officials agree that the Internet is a huge recruiting tool for ISIS and that we are losing the propaganda war. What are we doing? The man President Obama has named to head the country’s counter messaging effort against ISIS — the director of the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications —Rashad Hussain is a terror-supporting Islamist who says that terrorists need more of fundamentalist Islam.

Hussain is a lawyer who has defended known terrorists and is associated with groups that espouse jihad. He claims to be a moderate, but is affiliated with the radical Muslim Brotherhood. He denies that Islam has any role in violent extremism, and has defended more than half a dozen Muslims who have been convicted in high-profile terrorism cases, while denouncing the Patriot Act. President Obama has seemed to think he can work with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Bret Stephens remarked:in his book America in Retreat:

Four years after his Cairo speech, just 16 percent of Egyptians had a favorable view of the United States, down from 30 percent in 2006. at the height of George W. Bush’s global unpopularity.The administration has performed the extraordinary feat of enraging every corner of Egyptian society from the Muslim  Brotherhood, to the military who know he sold out cheap on their historical alliance. After the United States refused to sell Egypt F-16 fighters, Cairo opened talks with Moscow, its military patron in the days of Nasserist glory..

Countries have options. An American president who does not honor the basic bargain of Pax Americana—military protection in exchange for diplomatic pliancy—will sooner or later squander the benefits of Pax Americana.

Obama has seldom made good choices in terms of advisors. Rashad Hussain would seem to be among the number. He has been on the job since February, but has not yet produced an anti-ISIS counter propaganda video for the State Department while ISIS has flooded the internet with more than 250 graphic recruitment messages.

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I was just speaking to anti-wind campaigner yesterday who said “I’ve given up campaigning because the fascist Scottish government doesn’t listen”. I came to the same conclusion when I ran the Scottish Climate & Energy Forum and found that the government flouted the rules and refused to meet with the organisation – presumably because putting the evidence that the world is not currently warming – was too much.

I don’t know whether government was always like this – or whether it’s changed – but I do know that with the internet I expect to be listened to by government and constantly find I, and other people like the anti-wind groups, meet a brick wall.

I was also “on the other side” when I worked in the wind business, and so I know government, journalists and civil servants were very keen to talk to me when I was “on the other side”.

So, I know it’s not me personally, but that there is massive bias in government and the media and that if you are not part of the “in-crowd”, you get sidelined. And after years of being sidelined, despite some of my family working in government, I can’t say I have a particularly good view about government or “the establishment”.

So, even as part of the “establishment class” I’ve been sidelined and feel quite resentful. But if I were a young Muslim – and if I were treated the same way – I could understand why they become receptive to extremist views.

Let’s put it this way. The older middle-class anti-wind protester was saying she was going to totally make a major change to her life and leave Scotland because of the “fascist government”. That’s not so different from what young Muslims must think.


Comment by Scottish Sceptic

Government, any government, listens to your vote. Then, in order, representatives listen to the large businesses in their district, large organizations that support them (unions), big donors, smaller activist donors, and ordinary folks — not so much except for trying to understand trends that might affect their votes. If you are a genuine expert, you have a chance of being heard if your expertise is what they want to hear. If you stop and think about it, it’s only natural and human nature.

The internet has made it easier for the citizen to know what is going on, and easier to get an email off to your representative, but someone in their office may or may not tally up the opinion. Our government being much larger than yours makes it even less likely that we can be heard. That’s why it’s so important to be an informed voter, because your vote may be the only real communication you get. And you are more likely to be heard when your representative or potential representative is actually looking for your vote. It really isn’t bias, but simply the way the world works. Because many voters are not well informed, we don’t always get the representation we want. Think about it from your representative’s point of view with the goal of offering them something they will want and why they might want it. If it’s just opposition, why would they?

But I do not believe that this has anything to do with young Muslims. That appeal is to give their lives meaning, to fight for Allah and commit to the triumph of the Caliphate. They really do believe that to give their lives for Allah guarantees the bevy of young virgins. Young girls are being deluded into becoming brides of ISIS fighters.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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