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EPA Administrator McCarthy Doesn’t Read Her Press Notices. by The Elephant's Child
June 12, 2015, 10:13 pm
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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy delivered a warning to Americans who do not place environmental stewardship above everything else. Echoes, apparently of President Obama’s directive to graduating Coast Guard Cadets that our most important national security challenge is global warming.

“If you are selling to somebody a product, and you can assure them that that product was produced in the most environmentally responsible way, I will guarantee you that they will value that product more highly,” McCarthy said at the 2015 GreenGov symposium at George Washington University in Washington.

“I can guarantee you because if they don’t, I’m going to knock on their door and I’m going to tell them why they are mistaken,” McCarthy said, pointing at the audience.

“That is how government works — we tell you what you can do today. We give you the flexibility to get it done yourself and we send a long-term market signal that is going to open up innovation moving forward.”

You will not be surprised to hear that she defended the EPA’s federal processes, rulemaking and purchases that they have made over the past decade in order to combat climate change. The power sector, she claimed, is adapting to lower carbon generation, and the government “underpins” investments made by utilities and businesses with rules to foster innovation. Uh huh. Please explain how drastic regulations unnecessarily shutting down coal-fired power plants and putting thousands of employees out of work “fosters innovation.” Administrator McCarthy is clearly a true believer in the heavy hand of government. Unfortunately, the people are not. They don’t believe in global warming either.

According to an op-ed by Paul C.Light, a professor at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service, trust in the federal government has slumped to near-record lows, moving far beyond healthy skepticism toward a crisis of confidence.

A Pew Research Poll in 2010 found that 74% of Americans rated the federal bureaucracy as only fair or poor in running its programs. In another Pew Poll in January 2014, 75% of the American people said they trusted the federal government to do what is right “only some of the time” or “never.” In a September 2014 Gallup poll, Americans estimated that Washington wastes 51 cents of every dollar it spends. Ms. McCarthy isn’t reading her press notices.

The stakes of comprehensive reform are high. A new president serious about reform could take immediate action by executive order to collect the $700 billion already on the books in unpaid taxes, delinquent debts, and improper payments to individuals and government contractors. These numbers are estimates of the federal government’s own agencies.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee says there is $14 trillion that could be saved from the federal budget.

How? By cutting the federal workforce 10% and the contract workforce 15%, modernizing the government’s antiquated information technology, creating public-private partnerships for infrastructure projects, selling off unneeded federal properties, streamlining the bloated Department of Homeland Security, and even reducing federal advertising by half.

A survey last July by Annenberg Public Policy Center’s Institutions of Democracy showed that half of Americans favored cutting back federal programs to reduce the power of government. The other half said programs should be maintained to deal with important problems, But more than half said government had the wrong priorities, while the remainder said it has the right priorities but a broken bureaucracy.

The day before Memorial Day, the Obama administration released its list of regulations in the pipeline for the coming year. $110 billion in new regulations.

The problem is that when regulators get busy, the economy tends to fall into a torpor. Particularly when the rules and mandates they’re getting ready to unleash are as sweeping and costly as these.

Batkins found the rules scheduled for August, October and all the other months over the next year will impose costs of $110 billion — based on the agencies’ own estimates. And that number doesn’t include estimates for the EPA’s new efficiency standards for trucks — the previous one cost $8 billion — “or the dozens of other major rules without a public cost-benefit.”

Just this week, the EPA added to the coming pile, saying it wants to regulate commercial airline emissions.

The EPA is already responsible for the two costliest rules planned for this year. Its greenhouse gas emission standards for existing power plants will run $21.7 billion, and new smog standards will cost $15 billion.

Coming are new regulations like the $7.1 billion efficiency standards for dishwashers, and $12.3 billion for CO² emission standards on gas furnaces, and even revised nutrition labels that no one will read for $2 billion. The efforts to reduce CO² will have an effect on the atmosphere too small to be measured, but the existing mountain of federal regulations imposes almost $1.9 trillion in compliance costs, according to CEI. If you wonder why the economy is still sluggish after seven long years — there you go.

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On one hand, I can understand her claim that

…drastic regulations unnecessarily shutting down coal-fired power plants and putting thousands of employees out of work “fosters innovation.”

Anytime you take away one avenue for profit generation a free market will chase those dollars in a different way, often through the use of innovation. How can one innovate so that one can claim those profits?

On the other hand, her intervention is basically a moral intervention. This implies a moral duty, which implies moral expertise concerning moral judgements anchored in a moral realism. This has been the way of governments for quite a long time. A manifesto to set the world morally right.


Comment by fathertime

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