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Things Work Better Without Obama’s Overtime Rules by The Elephant's Child

When President Obama is not busy with annoying problems of national security and terrorism,  he will soon grant millions of workers overtime pay. Just a quick signature with his executive pen. Obama just does not understand how business works. He had, according to his biography one brief job in the private sector as sort of a copywriter, which he hated.

Businesses that pay salaried workers less than $455 a week currently  have to pay overtime as well. As a result, many companies, Obama says, are “skirting basic overtime laws, calling somebody a manager when they’re stocking groceries and getting paid $30,000 a year. He wants to raise the threshold to $50,400, which he says will make 5 million more workers eligible for time-and-a-half pay.

Journalists praised Obama’s generosity because he was going to “bring overtime pay to millions,” which assumes that businesses who are employing these newly overtime-eligible workers won’t change anything, they’ll just start paying them time-and-a-half.  Journalists  don’t understand how business works either, unless they specialize in business or economics.

If those workers weren’t getting a market wage, and were underpaid, given their skill levels and  the work they’re doing, they’d get another job. The Left has a view of economics that involves vicious managers who are raking it in, and almost enslaving poor workers who desperately need the benevolent hand of government to force companies to pay them a fair wage.

So in an economy where so many are out of work, businesses are hurting, Obama will fix things by insisting that everybody raise workers’ pay. And he’ll  issue more regulations. Some companies will make sure that workers don’t put in overtime, or ban overtime completely. Or they’ll bring in more part-time workers to avoid the wage hit, or perhaps they’ll just lay off some people. Or maybe they’ll just raise their prices, forcing consumers to pay for Obama’s generosity.


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You know, you could have dropped the apostrophe and everything after it in your headline and still have gotten it right. Everything Obama touches turns sour.

In another post you referenced Valarie Jarrett with her risible comment that Obama has just never been challenged by anything. I beg to differ; EVERYTHING is a challenge for Obama, he’s just to lazy and/or disinterested to acknowledge any of them. His field of knowledge is limited, and he can’t be taught because he has no interest in learning (because he already knows everything he needs to). He can’t adapt any of his strategies because he can’t fathom that any of his strategies might not work. He can’t negotiate because you’re just supposed to agree with him; that you might have things you want out of any deal are entirely beside the point to him.

But, hey; just 568 days left of this clown. Hopefully people are learning to act on the knowledge that he isn’t that smart and can’t be trusted.


Comment by Lon Mead

This has been one of those days when the news just gets to me. 568 days seems like an eternity. I’m beginning to think he just has his own personal movie running in his head in which he is the hero, perfect and sublime, and other stuff just doesn’t penetrate. But the people he has surrounded himself with–the pompous Mr. Kerry, Ms. Clinton. Why would either be acceptable as Secretaries of State? Ben Rhodes did the negotiating with the Castros. Obama’s certainly showing his leanings toward Communist governments. He is a very good retail politician. He really took to Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, probably because the art of manipulating people and their emotions really appealed to him. I watched the video of his eulogy for the Rev. Pinkney. It could have been a lovely speech, (much too long and repetitive) but he couldn’t resist the manipulative touches, reminding the audience of the need for gun control, that policing has gotten out of control, that their schools are bad, and so on. Be sure to stress their victimhood. So out of place in the gracious compassion and forgiveness exhibited by Charleston.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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