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How to Think About the Iran Deal by The Elephant's Child

Without getting into all the details, which I will in a moment, here’s a quick and dirty way to understand the whole thing:


That worked out well. And there is this photo of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif standing on the balcony of Palais Coberg, the venue for the nuclear talks, in Austria, July 13, 2015.

Why is this man laughing?


(h/t: Powerline)


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The Iranian pay off on this agreement is frontloaded. They get all the escrowed money and all the things they couldn’t buy in exchange for a promise not to pursue nuclear weapons. In six months, they’ll have everything they want in the boundaries of their country and no reason whatsoever not to resume the program. This isn’t an agreement that’s even intended to hold up, it’s just an economic transfer to the Iranians for the benefit of the Ayatollahs who run the country. This stabilizes them. Obama is on a rescue mission.


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