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The Real Ugliness of Planned Parenthood. by The Elephant's Child

RAMclr-072315-fetal-IBD-COLOR-FINAL.jpg.cmsBy now, you have probably seen or heard of the undercover video of the Senior Director of Medical Services released by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group. Deborah Nucatola, an abortion doctor, had a conversation over a quite nice salad and wine lunch with two people  posing as representatives of a company trafficking in body parts of aborted fetuses.

The video exposes the animating principle behind the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, a tax-payer supported industry. They do not consider abortion as any more problematic than cosmetic surgery.

There’s a lot of pretense at Planned Parenthood. They oppose the use of ultrasounds when the purpose is to reveal the humanity of the child, but use ultrasound to determine which parts of the baby to crush to preserve the desired parts. It’s ugly.  A second video has been released with another Planned Parenthood executive bargaining over prices for the fetal parts. Supporters of Planned Parenthood extol their other services like mammograms,  but its been well established that they don’t actually do mammograms.

The Left is heavily invested in Planned Parenthood, and in abortion, and the media have avoided any mention of the story, except to insist that the Center for Medical Progress is some kind of crazy pro-life group, and the video is false and the attack illegal. A reporter tried to ask a question of Josh Earnest, but was silenced with just an emphatic NO. Obama’s Department of Justice is planning to investigate, not Planned Parenthood for sales of body parts, but of the group that busted Planned Parenthood.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, made the claim that the trade in body parts was a service to scientific research, but embryonic tissue for stem cells is old discredited science, and the gold standard is now adult stem cells.

Health and Human Services rejected an expedited Planned Parenthood Freedom of Information Request for documents and communications relevant to payment or compensation of fees from Mary Hasson of the Federalist. HHS said it didn’t fit the public’s “urgent” right to know.

“Further, in order to meet second prong of the compelling need standard, the requested information must be the type of information that has a particular value that will be lost if not disseminated quickly, and ordinarily refers to a breaking news story of general public interest.”

There are more videos to come, and the Left is in panic mode. Or perhaps “stonewall mode.” The Left has a lot invested in total sexual freedom for all, but I’m getting pretty tired of school teachers having sex with their underage students, and gender-neutral bathrooms, among other things.

Black Americans are about 12.6 percent of the U.S. Population, but they have 35.4 percent of all abortions.  On average 1,876 black babies are aborted every day. That is just terribly sad.

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Planned Parenthood is touted as a bastion for women’s health. Remember the flap a couple years ago with the Susan G. Komen Foundation? Komen funds research into breast cancer. When they sought to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, Komen was blasted as anti-women’s health, and other such silliness. Komen’s director resigned over the flap. Thing is, Planned Parenthood does nothing for breast cancer treatment. Any requests for mammograms will get you referred to a hospital that does them, but that’s all.

Okay, then, what about reproductive health? Planned Parenthood employs fewer than a dozen OB/GYN nationally. Requests for pap smears and other similar tests will, like breast exams, get you referred somewhere else. Even birth control, supposedly Planned Parenthood’s reason for being, can be received more reliably through a doctor’s office and your local drugstore, usually at a lower cost.

No, Planned Parenthood has one principle purpose, one that “women’s advocates” have portrayed as, and may even believe is, synonymous with women’s freedom and health. But abortion is no such thing.

On a side note, I was discussing politics with a co-worker who lives in Virginia, whose governor is Terry McAuliffe. Many years ago, McAuliffe was the head of NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League). One of the things he did as the leader of a pro-abortion group is to ban the use of the word “abortion” in their literature and communications (including internal ones). Pretty funny, huh?


Comment by Lon Mead

It’s interesting how skilled the Left is with the implications of language. What did they substitute for “abortion?” I can’t think of a good euphemism, but then my suggestions are all pretty negative.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

When referring to the actual procedure itself, it was usually as the most common surgical method of the time; dilation and curettage. When talking of the organization, it was simply to be called NARAL; to this day it is called NARAL Pro-Choice America, and you will very rarely ever read or hear the name of the procedure that is the very reason for the group’s existence.


Comment by Lon Mead

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