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VA Caught Sending Veterans’ Mail to the Shredder by The Elephant's Child

Bureaucracy again. The Veteran’s Administration’s Office of the Inspector General launched an “unannounced inspection”  of the Los Angeles office after they heard allegations that the VA staff there was shredding mail related to veterans’ disability compensation claims. The OIG could not measure how often this might have happened, it did find examples of mail placed in bins for shredding, that should have been opened and read. Eight of the nine examples were claims- related  documents and had the potential to affect veterans’ benefits, one was unrelated.

The very first level of control requires letters to be reviewed before they are shredded. There was supposed to be a records management officer on staff, but the officer who held that job was promoted in August 2014, and the office’s assistant director “determined that it was not necessary to fill the position.” The OIG said the Los Angeles office could not produce any documentation on what documents it had shredded over the past two years.

The American people, through their representatives, have made it pretty clear that they expect our veterans to be well treated, not to be victims of bureaucratic games. And just noting that this was discovered through an “unannounced inspection,” it is perhaps worth mentioning that there is no such thing as  an “unannounced inspection”in Obama’s Iran Deal. Inspectors must give 24 days advance warning of an inspection, and they don’t get to inspect military sites at all. And if  inspectors require soil samples, they will be provided by the Iranians. Lots of confidence in that deal.


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