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Obama Is Not Just Wrong, He Is Dangerously Wrong, And Putting American Lives At Risk. by The Elephant's Child

640x392_63122_187994You have probably heard the old saying about “setting the fox to guard the henhouse”— a parable intended to tell you that the nature of a fox is to eat the hen, and you cannot put someone in charge of a task that they are by nature unqualified to fulfill. Which brings us, of course, to the startling news that Obama’s Iran Deal gives Iran the choice assignment of inspecting their own military sites such as Parchin and then to give the results to the IAEA.

Those old parables handed down from one generation to another are ignored at our peril. They represent hard-learned wisdom and form part of the guardrails of life.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Nuclear Physicist, says that we can tell from soil samples the extent to which Iran is developing a nuke. All very fine, except that Iran gets to  produce the soil sample.

Obama is quite sure that Iran would never actually set off a nuclear weapon. He has said so. He believes that when Iran’s funds are released from the sanctions, the money will be used to fix their economy because there has been a lot of hardship for the people and the Ayatollah will want to fix that. He has said so. He believes that Iran wants to become one among the community of nations, and will take care of the Middle East. defeating ISIS and bringing order to the region. He is wrong.

The American Foreign Policy Council’s Amanda Azinheira wrote of the risks in Defense News on Wednesday: “A nuclear warhead detonated 18 miles off the ground anywhere over the eastern seaboard could collapse the whole eastern grid, which generates 75% of the country’s electricity. The recovery time from a nationwide EMP event might be anywhere from one to 10 years. In the meantime, tens of millions of Americans would likely die from starvation and/or societal collapse.”

Foundation for the Defense of Democracies chairman and former CIA Director James Woolsey and EMP Task Force Executive Director Peter Vincent Pry wrote in the Washington Times about Iran and an EMP attack.

Iran has apparently practiced surprise EMP attacks, orbiting satellites on south polar trajectories to evade U.S. radars and missile defenses, at altitudes consistent with generating an EMP field covering all 48 contiguous United States,” according to Woolsey and Pry. “Iran launched its fourth satellite on such a trajectory as recently as February 2015.”

They also noted that the use of nuclear infrastructure permitted under the Iran deal makes getting an EMP weapon “relatively easy.”

Supposedly, we can harden off the grid to an EMP attack, but it has to be done by individual states, who are waiting for the federal government, but nobody seems to regard it as urgent. I have seen estimates of costs in the low billion range, but my knowledge ranges from scant to not much. No one wants to believe that such a thing could happen, because it sounds too much like a science fiction movie.

“Death to America” has never been, as Mr. Obama has claimed, simply a a public relations thing for public consumption. The Iranian people hate the tyrannical government. The Iranian military is planning to be able to make a nuclear EMP attack.

The urgent thing seems to be letting your representatives in Congress know how important it is that they oppose the Iran Deal in Congress, and override the President’s inevitable veto.


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“Obama is quite sure that Iran would never actually set off a nuclear weapon. He has said so. ”

I STRONGLY recommend that you never take what Obama says as an indication of what he believes.

You must always look at the PURPOSE an utterance serves to understand its meaning. Then watch the other hand to see what his true intentions and beliefs are.

The PURPOSE of saying that Iran would never set off a nuclear weapon is to get other people to go along with he deal. PERIOD.

Like all True Believers on the Left, Obama loathes Israel with his whole soul (such as it is) and is not too fond of “the great satan” either.

He WANTS Iran to obliterate Israel from the map. That would accomplish two things that he and his cohort (mostly ValJar) want:

(1) When Israel is obliterated, it rights all the wrongs against the Palestinians and other Arab peoples.

(2) Shiite Iran emerges as the True Islamic State, thereby achieving hegemony in the Islamic world and beyond. The other nuclear weapons will keep Iran’s enemies at bay.

The Left hates Western society more than it hates anything else, mostly because they’re not in charge of it. Arming Iran with nukes is a bold, decisive step in destroying the West, starting with Israel and going from there.

Obama and his fellow travelers imagine that Muslims will do the dirty work of destroying and dominating the West, and the Leftists will become the rulers of the new world order.

Remember: For a Leftist, words are weapons, not a medium of communication. Look always at the purpose of the utterance, not the content.

And then watch that other hand.


Comment by Dicentra ن (@dicentra33)

Makes it a little difficult when you have to psychoanalyze both our government and Iran’s Supreme Leader. It’s a real minefield. I’m pretty negative on the Left in general, but I think Obama believes he is building his legacy here. Better than Nixon opening up China — he is solving the problems of the Middle East. He is planning on raising $1 billion for his presidential Library in Chicago. An EMP attack would make a mess of that.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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