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More About the Debates. A Changing Horse Race. by The Elephant's Child

Today has been the ruminate over the debate day. Who won, who lost, who advanced, who slipped back. That’s the part I hate, the Media’s favored horserace. I want to learn about the candidates. I have my favorites, but I favored Rick Perry for his outstanding record, and he has already dropped out, to our misfortune.

We have experienced someone who was unprepared for the office, eagerly believed that he could do anything, and has failed in every effort. He has left the nation and the world in a more dangerous place, and whoever we choose to replace him will have to face those problems and determine how to deal with them and who he/or she will choose to try to reorganize the politicized agencies in their task as working for the American people rather than a political party.

Carly Fiorina hit a home run, not only showing her command of the state of the nation and our enemies, slapped down Donald Trump for an uncalled-for insult, and actually made him blush, and made a passionate plea for ending taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood’s profit-making sale of parts and bodies of aborted fetuses.

Donald Trump said he knew how to do everything, and would be very very good at it. When he didn’t know how, he would find Douglas MacArthur who would do it for him.

CNN and Jake Tapper clearly wanted a fight. Tapper came with a collection of what each candidate had said about another candidate in the hopes of fostering at least verbal fisticuffs.  The back and forth was lively, but what the people wanted to hear was a discussion of what is wrong with our nation at this moment and what they would do to fix it.  Many of the audience don’t know any of these people very well yet, nor what their track record is, nor what their qualifications  are and how they will deal with the future.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal spoke passionately about the best tactics for defunding the country’s most prolific abortion provider. And Ben Carson has quietly made no secret of his opposition to the work of Planned Parenthood and their effects on the black community. The Left, predictably, immediately lashed out in defense of Planned Parenthood. But it was Carly’s knockout blow and one of the strongest applause lines that aroused the fury of the Left.

I dare Hillary Clinton [and] Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully-formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says, ‘We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.’ This is about the character of our nation.
The attackers responded with almost-verbatim Planned Parenthood talking points:
The supposedly macabre video she’s talking about was highly, selectively edited by right-wing activists. Five state investigations of the issue closed without any findings of misdoing. Planned Parenthood, which provides critical medical services to tens of thousands of women across the country, doesn’t profit from fetal tissue donation, as the candidates imply.

“Perhaps Marcotte & Co. should actually watch the Planned Parenthood videos. In the seventh video (there are ten available now, by the way, with more to come), at the 5:57 mark, is a baby, post-abortion, lying in a dish — its leg kicking. They will also hear Holly O’Donnell, an ex-StemExpress procurement technician who worked at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Alameda Clinic in San Jose, Calif., describing how she was directed to “cut down the middle of the face” of a baby with a still-beating heart “to get the brain.” Under existing state and federal law, that’s murder.”

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