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President Obama’s Legacy In 9 Simple Charts From The Federal Reserve. by The Elephant's Child

CP6eZ_CWsAAyWVe.jpg large(Click to enlarge)

Take your time, read the small print. The nine charts do not, of course cover everything. There’s still the Iran Deal, the mess in Syria, the Taliban’s success in Afghanistan, excessive regulation. It would be easy to chart another nine, and then another. But it is a start on an all too real record. Some Legacy!


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Comment by Jim Rose

[…] President Obama's Legacy In 9 Simple Charts From The Federal Reserve. […]


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Great faked graphics w/ phony data … The real Federal Reserve charts appear at the Federal Reserve of St. Louis website


Comment by Carlene Hill Byron

You apparently did not notice that the post was from 2015, over a year ago, and I don’t know how current the charts were then. Your link, also to the St. Louis Fed, isn’t even on the same subject, and irrelevant. Sloppy.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Methinks the Elephant doth protest too much. I’ll take “sloppy” over intentional deception any day.


Comment by Carlene Hill Byron

How about relevant, Ms. Byron? The charts you linked to were graphing entirely different data. As for your claim of “intentional deception”, I can only assume you have proof.


Comment by Lon Mead

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