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Ten of the Dumbest Things Said About The San Bernardino Attack by The Elephant's Child


California Senator Barbara Boxer said, the day after Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik carried out Islamic jihad in San Bernardino, California, that “sensible gun control works,” and cited the example of California to prove it.

Yes, clearly California’s sensible gun control works. The weapons used were illegal. If you think that some new regulation on guns would eliminate mass killings, please explain just how it would control the 12 pipe bombs the perpetrators had constructed.

What is far more troubling was the Left’s reaction. They immediately blamed it on right-wing militia backwoods types.This seems to be a recurring fantasy on the part of the Left. They are nervous about the vast territory between the right and left coast—Appalachia and the South, the Rocky Mountains. Who knows what lurks in the deep woods — evidently lots of guns.  Another of their false narratives is the idea of a post 9/11 backlash against Muslims and Arabs in this country.

Minutes after the shootings, before anyone knew anything the president was already off on his gun control hobby horse.

Speaking to CBS News moments after news broke of the shooting, Obama called for “common sense gun safety laws” and urged lawmakers to pass a law to prevent individuals on the “No Fly List” who are barred from boarding commercial flights, from legally purchasing firearms.

Marcos Moulitsas quickly blamed it on Republicans — tweeting “Yo GOP, kinda hard to talk about “keeping people safe” when your peeps are shooting up America.” Then they went off on people who said “thoughts and prayers.” whose sentiments didn’t seem to save any lives.

Yes. ordinary people, appalled at such a useless tragedy, want to express their sorrow and fellow feeling for the families and survivors. That was quickly picked up by all sorts of smug Lefties. One of the ugliest flaws in the Leftist character is its inability to tolerate alternate viewpoints.

The shootings were accomplished by a married couple of Pakistani heritage who seem to be ISIS adherents. There was said to have been a third person, but that has apparently been dropped. The FBI is being cautious and refusing to release any information or opinion until they are confident that is the case. At first they said it may ba an act of terrorism. Now they are saying that it is an act of terrorism. Which is as it should be.

ADDENDUM: Changing information, apparently the weapons were purchased legally, under California’s ‘tight’ gun laws, but altered illegally.


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Ah, yes… Markos Moulitsas… the internet equivalent of the playground bully who managed to buy his own playground. I’ve had a couple of conversations with him in person, and quite frankly, I get more intelligence, wit, and depth of knowledge from talking to a random 14-month old. He’s an almost perfect example of modern liberalism in public; knowledge does not equal intelligence, age does not equal wisdom, and being literate does not make one well-read.

And what’s going on in the liberal noise-machine (including some elements of traditional media) is simply this: Nothing that they’ve managed to accomplish has been successful, and they’re finding that conservatives have been more correct in predicting the end result of liberal policies. So is it time to admit that they’re wrong and that conservatives are right? Of course not. Now is the time to start yelling even LOUDER! BECAUSE BEING LOUD MEANS WE’RE RIGHT! (of course, it also doesn’t help that it make you look obnoxious, and it inevitably brings more attention to the fact that you’re wrong when it turns out that way.)


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