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Gun Homicide Deaths Have Been Decreasing Steadily Since 1994. by The Elephant's Child


This chart is important. It is directly from Mark J. Perry, Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan, Flint, and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. It is important because it demonstrates the big Leftist lie that the Democrats have been trying to get away with. Gun deaths are declining, not increasing.

The hard left is desperate to get all guns out of the hands of civilians because they have visions of a militant, far-right-wing, tea-party militia rising out of the swamps of somewhere in flyover country to ruin their power grabs and spoil their fading political faction, end their ability to steal elections and relegate them to the ash-heap of history. I mean why else would they carry around that ridiculous rattlesnake flag, make nasty videos of a nice health care organization like Planned Parenthood, and try to force religion on everybody by insisting on saying Merry Christmas and having crosses all over the place?

Butterfield fallacy time. Could the decline in gun deaths possibly be related to the increased numbers of criminals sent to the pokey for gun crimes? The 14 victims of the attack in San Bernardino had not even been identified before the event was being politicized by the President of the United States. It was only back in October that he was insisting that it was the duty of all Americans to politicize gun violence in order to achieve the goal of shinying-up his legacy.

And now that Mr. Obama has decided to release hundreds of felons serving time in federal prison for ‘non-violent crimes,’ will the level of gun deaths rise again? I have no idea, but I suspect that prisoners convicted of drug dealing may not all be able to find jobs. There are currently 38,151,000 men of working age who have quit looking because they can’t find employment.

As John Lott, who has done the studies and written the books on gun Crime says: “More Guns, Less Crime.” He keeps explaining to the Left, but they just won’t listen.

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Now isn’t that peculiar…the more guns that are purchased, the more gun homicides go down. What a coincidence!


Comment by alkidya

John Lott’s book has been out for a number of years, but I suspect the number of liberals who have read it would be minuscule. Frankly, I think they are getting dumber, steadily, by refusing to read anything that conflicts with their illusions. I learned to shoot when I was about 6, I think, with my dad’s .22, potting at tin cans.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

As any historian who knows the Old West will tell you, actual “High Noon” or “OK Corral” or even the kind of showdown you see at the end of “Silverado” were quite rare, simply because everyone carried a gun… even the women (Derringers were strongly marketed to women).

Call it armed civility, if you will.

Fun Fact: the state with the least restrictive gun laws in the country has almost non-existent gun crime incidents. That state? Vermont, the home of Dem presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.


Comment by Lon Mead

Rural people may not be up on the latest trend, but they are inclined to be blessed with a good degree of plain old common sense.

There’s a delightful book called “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains”. Isabella Bird, a middle aged English lady made an extended tour of the Rockies is 1873 when she was on her way back to England from a tour of the Sandwich Islands.

“She climbed Longs Peak, then traveled through Estes Park, the mining areas, on down Boulder Canyon to Longmont, through the Big Thompson and St. Vrain canyons, and then on to Denver. Wearing Hawaiian dress and mounted on “Birdie,” her borrowed pony, she was guided by desperado Mountain Jim, who entertained her with recitations of poetry and cultivated conversation.”

Great Christmas present for any women you know. Amazon has it.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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