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Oh Come All Ye Faithful by The Elephant's Child

We teamed up with two talented a Capella groups, BYU Vocal Point and BYU Noteworthy, to create a beautiful reminder that we hope inspires people of all denominations to look inward and reflect on the value of faith in their own lives this holiday season.

The Aussies Are Shouting “Down With Progress” What? by The Elephant's Child

In New South Wales, Australia, the government is currently considering a multi-million dollar bailout to the Taxi Industry — Taxi drivers are having trouble competing with new modern alternatives like Uber.  The Coalition of Obsolete Industries believes in that case, the government should also be compensating and subsidizing ALL obsolete industries. Down with progress! Save our obsolete jobs! Subsidize one, subsidize all!

Can you recognize the obsolete industries they are championing?

Hint to protesters: When  you’re creative and interesting, you get more people to sign your petitions, and end unnecessary bailouts. Competition is a good thing.

This is ‘Wisdom’ Returned to Midway at Age 64, to Lay Another Egg. by The Elephant's Child


This is a Laysan albatross who has returned once again to Midway Atoll, where she is expected to lay another egg.  What is notable about her is that she was first tagged in 1956 and has raised at least 36 chicks since then. Her name is Wisdom, and she is 64 years old. The oldest known tracked bird. More pictures at the link.

The nesting ground for the albatrosses is protected habitat. The birds typically lay an egg a year, spending six months rearing and feeding their young. They are giants in the air, with a seven-foot wingspan, that helps them forage far out to sea.

Kind of a neat story for a Monday morning.

A Heartfelt Plea to the Media… Shush! by The Elephant's Child

I keep wondering if there isn’t some other way to do this political campaign business. Can’t we find a way to let the media have their horserace, off somewhere else, while the rest of us struggle to get informed in reasonable peace and quiet.

I don’t need nor welcome constant polls, turning casually awkward phrasing into a career-ending crisis. Could we offer some kind of academy award for those who are the most compulsively fair and non-partisan?

The media is playing a different game, and it gets in the way. It’s like they went to journalism school with some weird idea of changing the world to suit their own preferences rather than to be the very best at straightforward honest information. Oh wait…

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