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The EPA Has Been Allowing the Radical NRDC to Write Their Regulations! Possible Big Violation of the Law. by The Elephant's Child

Twenty-three states are suing the EPA over its emissions rules for new and modified power plants. The EPA rule sets carbon limits for natural gas and coal-fired power plants, requiring the plants to target implement new technologies to decrease their emissions.The states are led by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

This gamble proves far too costly for West Virginia,” Morrisey said. “EPA cannot rely on experimental and costly technology that threatens hard-working West Virginians whose livelihoods are dependent upon the coal industry.”

The new plant rule is separate from the Clean Power Plan, which limits carbon emissions from existing power plants. Taken together, the regulations are designed to reduce power sector carbon emissions, a strategy at the heart of President Obama’s climate platform.

Now the states and businesses who are suing to stop the Obama administration’s anticarbon Clean Power Plan,  have new evidence to seek a preliminary injunction.

Chris Horner, attorney for the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, has been an indefatigable warrior doggedly pursuing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for years.

The government emails finally released show the EPA secretly worked with environmental lobbyists to craft its Clean Power Plan regulating greenhouse gasses. The emails show that this secret (and illegal) alliance designed a standard that would be impossible or economically ruinous for existing coal plants to meet — specifically to force their closure.

The emails show intense 2011 communications between high level officials at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Sierra Club, and the Clean Air Task Force. Michael Goo worked at the radical NRDC before becoming the EPA’s Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy. Mr. Goo used a private Yahoo email account to send multiple drafts of his options memo to these outside groups who returned them with draft instructions. These radical NRDC  people were essentially acting as a secret staff for the EPA.

There is an Administrative Procedures Act, which governs the writing of regulations, and which takes a dim view of outside special-interest organizations secretly drafting government rules. There is also a Federal Advisory Committee Act that requires federal officials to interact with private entities in a prescribed open manner.

Killing coal-fired power plants may be high on the Obama administration’s goal list, but the power they generate cannot be replaced by Obama’s favored “natural” wind and solar — which have to have 24/7 backup from a conventional power plant to operate at all. The standard the EPA has set is designed to shut them all down permanently.

Some highly regarded Climate scientists believe that we may be approaching another little ice age. The sun has been quiet, without sunspots, for eighteen years and nine months, and unusual stretch of a total absence of warming. Depriving the people of power and warmth could be deadly.

Apart from that, the EPA has misused tax dollars to buy propaganda to influence the public to support their new Waters of the United States (WOTUS) regulation.

First proposed in April 2014, the rule provoked immediate backlash. It expands the reach of the Clean Water Act’s restrictions and the EPA’s domain of authority, a source of concern for dairy farmers, homebuilders, timber companies, energy producers and dozens of organizations and companies.

The White House sneered “The only people with reason to oppose the rule are polluters who threaten our clean water.” But along with a big swath of the public, 30 states have expressed concern.  The EPA anticipated the opposition, and launched a PR campaign two months in advance of filing the rule. Tweets, memes and videos were launched over social media praising the rule and seeking public support. In Congressional testimony Administrator Gina McCarthy cited all the flowing comments on WOTUS as proof that Americans loved it.

Sen. Inhofe (OK-R) asked the GAO for a legal opinion, they responded that the agency violated three statutes that proscribe the use of appropriated funds to engage in covert propaganda and grassroots lobbying. The EPA is not a private company entitled to sell its goods aggressively to consumers. It is a government agency established to execute the laws written by the peoples representatives.

We need to rid the nation of this crooked agency, permanently. They do nothing useful, nothing useful at all.

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