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So You Think You’re Right, Do You? Well, Think Again! by The Elephant's Child

The general mood in America seems, on Christmas eve, to be fairly sour — at least according to comments and gripes and posts and articles. The public is unhappy with our government. Republicans are furious with Republicans, especially over the so-called Omnibus spending bill. The purity police are out in full force arguing over who is and who is not a proper conservative. Breitbart has even gone so far as to give each Republican voting member of the House or Senate a red-flagged grade according to their purity — according to Breitbart.

Whatever happened to the big tent? The amusing thing is that they are getting close to the kids on campus demanding an end to free speech, and the Democrats who are furious with anyone who has the gall to disagree with them, and scream bloody murder about Citizens United. You must think the way we demand that you think.

Democrats, or Progressives if you prefer, have long despised anyone who disagrees with them. They’ve tried to have RICO charges brought against anyone who does not accept the notion that 97% of all scientists insist that global warming is going to cook the earth and all its creatures. Some have gone so far as to suggest jail and felony charges. Republicans demand an end to any subsidy for Planned Parenthood. Democrats demand full funding. But sorry, it’s not that simple. There are Democrats who don’t like abortion, and Republicans who do.

There are 435 members of the House. And after the last election 246 Republicans and 188 Democrats and one vacancy. In the Senate, there are 100 members, 2 for each state, and 44 are Democrats and 54 are Republicans, and two independents —Sanders and King. Immediate family does not agree on much of anything, and politically it’s even more unlikely. We are all human and fallible. Democrats are more likely to forget the human part.

Being human means that even the brightest people can be quite stupid in some departments. There was a story in the last few days about a robber who had an exceptional number of tattoos, including devil’s horns on his forehead and written across his forehead was “F##k the Police.” The business he held up was unsurprisingly able to identify him, and the police were quickly able to apprehend him. We are all stupid in ways small and very large. Some are definitely sins, and others are just unfortunate. We just don’t know as much as we think we do.

Yet that is what Christmas is all about and what we never seem to learn. A little more humility please, and try to remember that we all are human and struggling to find our way through this life that we don’t understand very well. It’s hard to know when to be tough and when to give comfort, when to teach and when to listen carefully. More tolerance please, and more listening. We will not agree, but it will go down better if we explain why. And knock it off with the purity police. Your definition of correctness ( did I hear the word political correctness applied to Republicans?) is not necessarily correct. Michael Ramirez said it more succinctly than I could.

“Wish I Was at Home for Christmas” by The Elephant's Child
December 24, 2015, 1:51 pm
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Jona Lewie— Can’t Stop the Cavalry

I’m a sucker for tuba bands. A Christmas Favorite, there are many versions, especially the Cory Band version which has no video.

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