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Why We Threw Our Trash Right Out the Car Window, Didn’t You? by The Elephant's Child

In an interview with celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy laughs about how she and her family would throw their trash right out of the car window.

Some people did. We picked up the candy wrappers that people dropped outside our family place of business. When there is no evidence that it is usual to throw things on the side of the road or in the parking lot, more people don’t. It’s called deterrence. Some Americans used to dump their garbage in any vacant lot if there was a little trash there already. Because our timber came down close to the highway, we had to post signs saying “private property, cut no trees,” around Christmas time. Deterrence worked.

I am deeply offended by the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempt to seize control of ever more private land for the agency’s own power and federal government control. The public lands belong to the people as a whole, not to the government. The federal government is the designated caretaker, but they don’t do a very good job of it.

Gina McCarthy can laugh ruefully at herself and her family for past environmental abuse. I just thought it was funny. We learn and change our ways. What Ms. McCarthy has not learned is that CO2 is a benign gas necessary to life on Earth. It is not a pollutant, and not the cause of catastrophic global warming — which is not happening. Consult Dr. Istvan Marko just below.

(h/t: Climate Depot)

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no, “swit hat” it WAS only your family……we drove across this country from east to west, and back again from west to east, and never ever even THOUGHT of throwing our trash out the car window…..

this was, let’s see , east to west, about 1957…..on our way to being stationed in japan (on account of being an army family, which of course you have no understanding of, and don’t respect in the least)…and then, from west to east, in 1961, on our way home from japan….

it was never even considered an OPTION to throw our trash our the window… are most likely way younger than i am, and yet you grew up throwing your trash out the car window….and now, you think you are qualified to lecture ME on the proper treatment of the environment……you may make the claim “i know better, now”……..I MAKE THE CLAIM THAT I’VE ALWAYS KNOWN BETTER…….that i was taught better as a very young child, and you, madam, were not taught better….you’ve ALWAYS considered yourself permitted to throw your trash out the window….and now, you think you’re allowed to throw coal out the window…..

you are nothing more than a political hack, working to promote your own career, regardless of the damage you do to your country…..there is no way you don’t understand how much your “war on coal” will cost the poorest in this country, or even the middle class in this country, and there is also no way you don’t understand that, whatever draconian measures you subject this country to, the rest of the world will increase its carbon emissions so much as to make YOUR efforts worthless…

this means…….the only reason you want to enforce carbon laws on this country is to reduce this country to a third-world lifestyle – to punish us for being superior, and put us in our place … know full well how much your wonderful plans will increase the cost of electricity, but you don’t care… pull in way more than enough to pay for whatever your electric bill may be……..this is NOT THE CASE for most of the citizens of this country…most of us will be freezing in winter, because, guess what??? your stupid “global warming” is not happening, and besides, your evil CO2 is actually PLANT FOOD, and would increase crop yields across the planet if you would allow it to increase…..

oh, and this is not the only country that will suffer when you get your way….the US feeds a very large portion of the planet, and when you shut us down, the rest of the world will starve….but you don’t care……the important thing is to topple the giant…..the important thing is to put us in our place….who cares who else suffers?????….YOU won’t……you’ve to the big bucks and the big pension and the “full faith and credit of the US govt” taking care of YOU…….the rest of the world may go to hell………..

but you don’t care……the important thing is to make coal so expensive that your fancy new “green energy” options will be marketable…..this will be a nice punchline when we are in the third decade of the new ice age……

just in case you’ve managed to miss the point of this comment – you are (something i cannot post on the interwebs) and i hope you (suffer something i cannot post on the interwebs) and also, you should (do something i cannot post on the interwebs)….and also, i hope (something i cannot post on the interwebs) happens to you real soon…
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Comment by chuck

where are the comments, and how do i get to see them?


Comment by chuck

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