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This is All Supposed to be a Good Deal, Isn’t It? by The Elephant's Child
January 16, 2016, 10:14 pm
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Iran released the ten American military personnel who they arrested and detained on Tuesday. President Obama didn’t mention it during his last State of the Union speech.  State Department officials explained that as soon as they learned that 10 U.S. sailors have been detained, they began pressing Iran into cooperating in their release in an “effort to turn the incident into a good story for both sides.” The whole thing is extremely odd. The story keeps changing, Boat broke down, navigation equipment didn’t work, they got lost, radio broke down. The Washington Examiner reported:

“In terms of a good story, I won’t speak to how Iran will portray this or characterize their narrative of the situation, but I think what we had in mind, what the Secretary had in mind, was that it would be a demonstration of them operating as a responsible maritime operation in the Gulf and a responsible nation that would deal with these things in a way that other responsible nations have in the past and would going forward,” the official said.

Iran saw a chance to humiliate the U.S. and took it, but they want their money back, so they weren’t going to do anything drastic. They have supposedly complied with the terms of the Iran Deal as far as shutting down the Heavy Water reactor and other requirements, but whether the IAEA actually got to inspect, or just was told that they had done it is unknown.

Iran freed the four American prisoners Saturday. They were Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian, Amir Hekmati, a former Marine from Arizona, Saeed Abdini, an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity, and Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari. Separately, an American student who had been detained, but not formally arrested departed.

The Obama administration, in return released seven Iran nationals who were jailed — or facing charges. The U.S also agreed to drop the names of 14 Iranian nationals it had been seeking from Interpol’s watch list. Most of these cases were tied to violations of U.S. export laws and the sale of dual-use equipment that could be used in Iran’s nuclear or military programs. The Obama administration was not able to get two other American citizens released an oil industry executive Siamak Namazi and former FBI agent Robert Levinson.

Obama’s Insane Iran Policy by Andrew McCarthy, PJ Media

— “This is the Pentagon’s new strategy to defeat ISIS,”  Military Times

— “Rendezvous with Reality in 2016” by  Victor Davis Hanson



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