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Who Killed the Liberal Arts? Heather MacDonald Takes On The Universities. by The Elephant's Child

Is ar childrin lerning? Good question. The humanities are clearly in trouble. It is a mindset in the faculty and administrators. They’ve been trying to get rid of the canon ever since the sixties. I think the elimination of Shakespeare has been fairly recent. I was lucky enough to have a recognized Shakespearean expert as my professor. He had a wonderful voice, and some days he would simply read to the class, for he knew we had trouble with Shakespearean English. Other days, he would go deeply into the history of the period, and the real history on which the plays were based. Loved the course.


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Isn’t the whole concept of “art” self expression – a concept which is now ruthlessly repressed by PC Universities dictating what students will believe on all details of their lives.

To put it bluntly when you defend the frankly ridiculous attack the sober and sane and generally attack anything and anyone that doesn’t rigidly stick to a very narrow PC view of the world, what role does the self expression at the core of the arts have?


Comment by Scottish Sceptic

No, I wouldn’t say the whole concept of “art” is self expression. Where then does talent and skill fit, and who decides? In reality, it’s who draws big money in New York and London art sales. Someone just paid over a million for a photograph of a potato.
To get back to MacDonald, Shakespeare has a lot to teach us.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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