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School Districts are spending millions on ‘white privilege’ training for teachers by The Elephant's Child

17325The Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a San Francisco-based education consulting group’s mission is to improve educational opportunities for black and other minority children. “The company sells the notion that the American education system is unfairly based on traditional white cultural norms (white privilege in schools) to benefit white students to the detriment of  minorities.”

Unfortunately PEG has a working relationship with a number of radical progressive academics who condemn American capitalism and American society in general. They are intent on convincing minority students that the education system, like American society, are biased against them. Rather than motivate students for success, they want to convince them they are victims of an unjust society which requires radical transformation. Comes the revolution?

Eighteen school districts reported paying PEG a combined $1,56 million for consulting on victimology. Some Bargain. Seven districts paid the company in six figures:

    • Lawrence, Kansas – $125,575
    • Osseo, Minnesota – $208,800
    • Bellevue, Washington – $153,600
    • Pittsburgh – $123,324
    • Baltimore County, Maryland – $138,930
    • Corvallis, Oregon – $105,055
    • St. Paul, Minnesota – $369,828

PEG listed 183 districts across the country as clients last year.

Dennis Prager Explained The Fallacy of White Privilege’

There are a host of privileges that dwarf “white privilege.” A huge one is Two-Parent Privilege. If you are raised by a father and mother, you enter adulthood with more privileges than anyone else in American society, irrespective of race, ethnicity, or sex. That’s why the poverty rate among two-parent black families is only 7 percent. Compare that with a 22 percent poverty rate among whites in single-parent homes. Obviously the two-parent home is the decisive “privilege.”

Another “privilege” that dwarfs “white privilege” is Asian privilege. Asian Americans do better than white Americans in school, on IQ tests, on credit scores, and on other positive measures. In fact, according to recent data from the Federal Reserve, Asians are about to surpass whites as the wealthiest group of Americans. Will the Left soon complain about Asian privilege?

The Immoral CEO — Worker Pay Gap, and How It Works by The Elephant's Child

From the Wall Street Journal, February 20, Notable & Quotable Column.


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