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Donald Trump is the Ultimate Insider by The Elephant's Child


Matthew Continetti, writing at the Washington Free Beacon today, said “Donald Trump has become the Republican frontrunner because GOP primary voters want an outsider who is angry at the condition of the country and the party establishment.” this really struck me — because it is just dead wrong. I don’t know whether Continetti is correct or not, but if GOP primary voters assume that Donald Trump is an outsider, they are mistaken. Mr. Trump is the ultimate insider.

He has told us so repeatedly. Trump explains that he donates to both parties because he is in business, and that’s just what you do. Of course. He donates because he is buying access. If he gives a significant sum to a politician, whether a national candidate, a state candidate or someone in city administration, they will see him when he calls. They will look with favor, if they are able, to his requests, favor at least partly, his side of the latest ‘deal.’ That is by nature — an insider. That’s how you make deals.

Forgive me, but the party “establishment,” whoever that is:  Party Chairman Reince Priebus? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell? House Speaker Paul Ryan? Who precisely are you angry at and why? The Republican “establishment” did not pass ObamaCare, but have voted to repeal it in full six times, and in part over 50 times.

Those changes that you resent so much are a direct result of President Obama having a House and a Senate with Democrats in charge, and Republicans couldn’t do a thing about it. Even when the voters revolted and gave control of the House and the Senate to Republicans, there was little that they could do beyond putting a bill on the president’s desk, which he promptly vetoed, as he has. Shut down the government? That only frightens voters who fear that they won’t get their Social Security checks, or their welfare checks, or their food stamps, or their medical care. They depend on those payments, and shutting down the government really frightens them, and loses votes for Republicans at the polls.

The founders designed a Constitutional system that was meant to be slow, with participants thinking and arguing over potential legislation extensively to be sure that it was good legislation. They had no concept of a federal government with hundreds of agencies, departments, offices and bureaus all with the power to issue regulations. Who knew that it would take a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit which could take months and years to pry loose information that Congress needed to do their work? That many arguments about authority would go to the Supreme Court for a decision, and those can take years proceeding through the courts.

Of course there should not be hundreds of agencies, departments, offices and bureaus, and they shouldn’t be issuing regulations. Congress is supposed to be making the laws, not palming them off. It is the Democrats who are in favor of BIG government, and essentially believe that most everything should be done by government. I believe Bernie Sanders recently said that charities should be abolished and the government should take that task over. It is of course about power. And that’s why Democrat plans seldom work.

If  you are angry at the vast number of people who have dropped out of the labor market, the huge numbers on food stamps, the sluggish economy that Obama keeps claiming is growing and prospering — why aren’t you angry with Obama?

If you are distraught at open and unenforced borders, at illegals placed all over the country, and criminal illegals in sanctuary cities, blame the Democrats. If you are disturbed by President Obama’s announced numbers of “Syrian” refugees to be admitted to the country, Republicans are trying valiantly to stop some of these things.

If you worry about ISIS, then don’t fall for the Democrats’ propaganda about “Bush Lied, People Died.” Bush did not lie, every intelligence agency in the world believed that Saddam had WMD — and so he did. He had 500 tons of yellowcake, enough to make 168 nuclear weapons. He had vast warehouses full of “agricultural chemicals” which are the precursors of nerve gas and other poison gasses, and the chemicals that turned them into nerve gas were stored in Saddam’s scientists’ home refrigerators. ISIS has found vast stores of Saddam’s poison gas, which are still turning up. ISIS exists because Obama did not make any effort to make a status of forces agreement and just pulled all the troops out, leaving Iraq to fend for itself.

Republicans are doing what they can to prevent Obama’s overreach but as he has told us—he has a phone and a pen— and he is going to do as much as he possibly can to go around Congress and accomplish his ends with executive orders and signing statements and whatever other executive tricks he can think up. He has no intention of working with Congress at any time. Be as angry as you want, but at least direct your anger constructively at the source of the problems, not at those who are trying to remedy them.

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If Trump is an “Insider’, why is the “Establishment” so terrified of him. Five Billion Dollar Campaigns pay for “something”.Trump can not be bought.


Comment by Patrick Humphrey

A lot of people believe that he has been bought by the Clintons. I don’t think so. I don’t know who the “establishment” is, but those who oppose Trump are deeply concerned by his very apparent unfamiliarity with the state of the world, history, and, oh, little things like freedom of speech. Trump has said he wants to be able to sue anyone who says bad things about him, completely unaware that would overturn the First Amendment to the Constitution. He has a large number of lawyers and is the originator of many frivolous lawsuits. The Gulag Archipelago was filled with people who had dared to criticize Stalin’s government.

Trump backed off from his idea that he could order the military to torture terrorists in violation of the Geneva Conventions (If the military may not obey an unlawful order). If you assume that Trump cannot be bought because he is rich, knowledgeable New York financial people believe that he is not nearly as rich as he has claimed, and is probably deeply in debt, but he will not release his tax returns, so he probably has something to hide. Ben Carson was a little short on knowledge of the current state of the Middle East, but he was also a quick study. Trump really doesn’t know the stuff a candidate needs to know. He is deeply unprepared for the office. That’s why people are scared of him. He’s a braggart who talks big, but there is no base of knowledge underneath.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

The description of him that I’ve read is that he’s desperate to be taken seriously by serious people, and that really hits the mark. He has never been the kind of person who has really been taken seriously by anyone. He’s the ultimate example of the loudmouth that works in your office that, however capable he may be, you really don’t want to trust him with anything important.

The concern of people (like me) about Trump is that he doesn’t seem to understand how things work, and doesn’t seem to care. A perfect example: In 1989, Trump bought the former Eastern Airlines Shuttle and tried to turn it into “Trump Airlines”. Now the northeast corridor routes served a particular purpose; easy, hourly transportation between Boston, New York, and DC. Despite advice from people familiar with the industry, Trump decided to make the shuttle an upscale, luxury brand. He spent millions painting the planes and upgrading the fixtures with maple wood and gold plated lavatories (I actually flew on the Trump Shuttle a couple times; yes, a gold plated john). He spent so much money on the planes that he was unable to make it any kind of profitable, particularly with economic conditions at the time. By the end of 1990, he had defaulted on the payments, and Trump Airlines went into receivership (USAir runs that shuttle now). So, having no experience with the airline industry, ignoring all the prudent advice given to him by people who knew what they were doing, and basically doing what he wanted until the axe fell.

With that kind of experience in his background, do you think he learned his lesson? How about Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump Ice, and Trump University?
He even has problems filling out simple forms properly; when he filed to run for President, he was required to fill out a financial disclosure form (the same one everyone in Congress has to complete yearly, as well as the President). The form quite clearly states that income must be actual, received income, not estimates of earnings. Trump claimed (among other things) to being paid around $17million for managing three golf courses in Great Britain that actually have all lost money over the last three years. When questioned, Trump said that it was “future earnings” guaranteed him under contract – which violates the clear instructions on the financial disclosure.

So, besides having paid for access to politicians in order to get what he wants (he BRAGS about this), he’s vain, petty, ignores people, frequently ignores the rules, and has shown remarkably bad judgement in the past.

Incidentally, have you noticed that on the major issue that put him on the political map – immigration – he has pretty much reversed course? Sure, he claims he’ll deport illegals; then invite them right back in. And his current stance on H1B visas for tech workers is the opposite from what he promoted 6 months ago.

And yes, Trump CAN be bought. The currency is simply a little different.


Comment by Lon Mead

You’re absolutely right, of course. Trump’s need for approval and confirmation is characteristic. His speeches are mostly quoting his wonderful poll numbers for that particular day. I have been voting for a long time, but I would never have dreamed of a year when all sorts of really qualified candidates were dumped in exchange for an elderly socialist who is completely unfamiliar with economics, an elderly compulsive liar, who has zero accomplishments from her tenure as Secretary of State, yet is responsible for the destruction of a small country, the death of her ambassador, his helper and two brave former Seals, and then is stupid enough to put major national security secrets on a home server because of her fear of the “vast right wing conspiracy.’ and on our side we dump a whole bench of truly accomplished governors, Fortune 500 CEO. 5 accomplished Senators, and an unbelievably talented neurosurgeon — because the people got all excited about a supposed billionaire who is a supposed brilliant real estate mogul with a foul mouth who gets his jollies by insulting everybody and who cannot tell the truth about much of anything. I had no idea people were so susceptible to a con man. Yes, all it takes to buy him is continual praise.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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