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US Special Forces Have Captured an Important ISIS Operative, But Obama Won’t Let Them Take Him to Gitmo by The Elephant's Child

American Special Forces have captured their first “significant” ISIS operative during a raid in Northern Iraq, and they are likely to capture other ISIS fighters. The problem is that President Obama has foreclosed the ability of the military to send them to Guantanamo.

President Obama is deeply concerned about what he believes to be world opinion. He is quite sure that ISIS and al Qaeda use the existence of Gitmo, which he believes to be a “torture chamber,” as a recruiting tool. However, intelligence operatives who read ISIS and al Qaeda propaganda and communications see no evidence of that whatsoever. Obama is intent on releasing all of the detainees, even though those who remain are clearly the “worst of the worst.”

The recidivism rate is quite high at around 30%, but Obama seems to believe that the danger that he would be blamed is higher for keeping Guantanamo open than for any actions by former detainees down the road when he is out of office. You may have noticed that President Obama is never, never to blame for anything at all.

Congress has made it illegal to bring terrorist detainees to this country, Officials, according to the New York Times, report that the ISIS detainee will eventually be turned over to Iraqi or Kurdish officials. There will be other high value ISIS targets captured. Over time, they often reveal details of the Islamic State’s organization and operations, and that is valuable. I suspect that the president will attempt to turn Guantanamo back to Cuban jurisdiction on his coming trip to Cuba, but I have no evidence whatsoever for that supposition. Obama could not have chosen a worse time to shutter Gitmo.

The President has recognized Cuba and offered trade and tourists, with nothing from the Cubans in exchange, except their insistence that nothing will change on their part, and the brutality and lack of respect for the human rights of their citizens will continue.

Here Are the Jobs Numbers for February, More of the Same. by The Elephant's Child


Early in each month the employment numbers come out covering the preceding month. Then everybody starts arguing over just what the numbers mean. For example, President Obama accused the Republicans of “living in an alternative reality.” Always helpful.

Obama boasted that the unemployment rate remained below 5 percent in February while 1.5 million workers have entered the labor force in the past three months. Pointing to those indicators, he argued that the economy is strong, not weak as both Republicans and Democrats have claimed on the campaign trail.

That’s true.  The employment rate is 4.9%, right where it was at the end of January. There were 242,000 new jobs. That was a better number than expected. But then Obama’s economists cut the growth forecast for the first quarter from 2.5 percent down to 1.4 percent. That is not good. The numbers of long term unemployed and involuntary part-time workers, and discouraged workers stayed the same. The labor force has grown by 1.5 million over the last three months, the biggest such rise since early 2000. You cannot blame President Obama for latching on to the good numbers and trying to brag a little.

Despite the unemployment rate being at an eight-year low, the number of people on food stamps remains near an all time high — which was 47,636,000 in 2013. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has been hovering right around 46 million participants since 2011.

President Obama blamed Republicans for slow job growth because they have opposed parts of his economic agenda. Of course they have, President Obama has shown no indication that he has the slightest understanding of economics. He’s been referring to the economic downturn when he entered office as “the Great Recession”, but it officially ended in 2009, in June I believe, and we have been in a 10 year long period when GDP growth did not reach the average of 3% even once. The longest such stretch in history.

President Obama was huffily angry with Republicans for not supporting his wish to raise the minimum wage. Republicans are quite aware that government ordered increases in the minimum wage simply kill jobs, and harm the economy, and are trying to save Obama from his own folly. Well, they are probably not trying to help Obama out, but simply to do the right thing for the economy. Try Googling ‘increasing the minimum wage” and you’ll probably get a sad recital of the unfortunate case of Seattle’s lost jobs. But Leftists never give up.

The problem is that statistics are not exactly exact. When you talk about numbers of households, what size household do you have in mind? The late Judge Scalia had nine children, and at one time that was not uncommon. Now it’s rare. Most households are one or two people. When we talk about jobs, are we talking full time well-paying jobs or part-time second jobs? Minimum wage increases have meant that many small businesses save costs by making their workers part-time, and hiring more part-time workers to fill their needs. Or do you have workers holding down more than one part time job, which is not really an increase at all? Don’t let the complications discourage you from trying to understand what’s happening — just try to understand how complicated it really is.

In February 2015, there were 93,686,000 people of working age who had dropped out of the labor force. In February 2016, there were 94,208,000 people of working age who had dropped out of the labor force. That means that 522,000 more people got discouraged and dropped out of the labor force.

That’s more than twice the number of new jobs that were “created.” And may have something to do with why the numbers of folks needing food stamps stays so high.

Democrats resolutely believe that they can improve the economy by more closely regulating it. They believe that providing generous unemployment benefits helps people when they are down. They believe that most things are better done by the wise people in the government and therefor government needs more money which means raising taxes. They don’t like corporations, and believe their taxes are seldom high enough. And they generally believe that more direction from the government will result in more entrepreneurs, and that new entrepreneurs who make desirable products should be helped out with taxpayer funding.

Republicans believe just the opposite. Free markets and free people. When someone creates a new product, if it’s a good one, the market will respond. Government should not pick winners and losers. Few government officials have spent much time in the free market and don’t understand it at all. President Obama  wants to create more job training programs, though I seem to remember that there were already 45, mostly duplicative.

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