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Here ‘s Patrick Moore Explaining the Real Facts About CO2 by The Elephant's Child

“Since time immemorial, our climate has been and will always be changing. Patrick Moore explains why “climate change,” far from being a recent human-caused disaster, is, for a myriad of complex reasons, a fact of life on Planet Earth.”

Some scientists saw global temperatures climbing and noticed that at the same time, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was climbing. Big Aha! moment.  But as scientists keep telling us—correlation does not prove causation.

At the beginning of this delusion, climate scientists were not the leading lights in the faculty lounge, but when governments, accepting the UN’s IPCC as the authoritative source on all things climate, started to try to protect us from catastrophic global warming. suddenly there were grants and attention and new equipment for the labs and they began to be interviewed and became important, and the press wallowed in their authoritative utterances. The grants were all for proving the fact that the globe was warming unnaturally because, of the evildoing of humans for drawing fossil fuels from the bosom of the Earth instead of commuting on bicycles as they should.

It was discovered that the thermometer sites on which readings of national temperatures depended were not accurate at all because some idiots had put them right next to the heat vents from air conditioners or where sunlight reflected off concrete walls increasing temperatures abnormally. Then we had “the Pause” when global temperatures as measured by satellites stopped climbing. And they stopped climbing for over 19 years, yet the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere kept increasing. Causation would seem to have gone out the window, but true believers don’t give up easily, and the recipients of  grants and subsidies don’t give up easily either.

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“Some scientists saw global temperatures climbing and noticed that at the same time, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was climbing.”

Sorry, you’ve got it wrong!

In fact, in the original paper laying out the concept of CO2 induced “global warming” (Broeker), the theory was suggested to explain THE LACK OF PREDICTED COOLING.

What had happened, is that in an intentionally forgotten episode, the academics had predicted a massive temperature cycle based on the Camp Century Ice cores. This is one of the main reasons we had the “global cooling scare”. Then when this predicted cooling did not occur, they found an excuse in the form of rising CO2.

And like the failed cooling of the Camp Century Cycles, we now have the failed warming of CO2 as shown by the pause.

And if history repeats itself, they will then find a supposed mechanism that explains their incompetence, and then we will go back into another global cooling scare.

The pattern is obvious. Natural variation takes a the temperature of the planet warmer or cooler for a few decades. The arrogant self-deluded academics then start believing they can predict the climate. They then inform the world that we’re heading for doomsday, and when that doomsday fails to materialise they come up with pathetic excuses which then form the basis of the next academic scam.


Comment by Scottish Sceptic

Well then you have to get into the psychology of the true believers, which seems always ready to posit doom just around the corner. Then there’s Maurice Strong,(pronounced Morris) the Canadian businessman and UN insider who started up the IPCC with an intent to gather more control of the world for the UN and the IPCC, who then got caught up in the “Oil for Food Scandal” and went off to live in China where he would be safe from prosecution. Claudia Rosett, intrepid reporter, interviewed him there a few years ago. He died last year, back in Canada.

I remember the cooling scare in the 70s but “Camp Century” is a new one for me. I don’t know anything abut that.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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