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Step by Step, American Universities Are Making Themselves Irrelevant. by The Elephant's Child

The University of Missouri is still suffering from student protests last fall. They have caved in this week to student diversity demands, hired a chief diversity officer (the current campus fashion) and announced that undergraduates will now be required to complete three credit hours of “diversity intensive” courses in order to graduate. The courses will focus on “understanding different social groups” and “will explore at least one form of social inequality, broadly defined.” Just how the relevant inequality will be defined and by whom is not mentioned.

This is of course blatant nonsense. Students have been ‘organized’ by activists from Black Lives Matter and activists from Ferguson and Baltimore, with a few cases of racist hoaxes. The only diversity that matters on a college campus is a diversity of ideas. If students are not exposed to a wide variety of ideas and philosophies, there is no education taking place. Universities make great claims about teaching “critical thinking,” but they teach student activism and social justice instead.

There is no such thing as “social justice”— there is only one kind of justice, embodied in the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the nation. The American Constitution is the envy of the world, students would do well to discover just why this is so.

The debacle last fall when student protests shut down the University of Missouri  led ultimately to the resignation of the university president and the chancellor of the entire UM system. But the aftershocks are still being felt.

Surrendering to campus bullies cost the University 1500 students who did not enroll and a significant $32 million budget shortfall. Parents decided that enrolling their children elsewhere would be for the best. Other universities considering capitulating to childish demands, might consider that acting like adults and sending the cry bullies on home might well be more profitable for everyone concerned.

Diversity of ideas has become increasingly unpopular — today it is students at Emory who were traumatized by graffiti like “Trump” and “Trump 2016” chalked on stairs and walls around campus. They are receiving counseling.

The list of those engaged for graduation speeches who have subsequently been disinvited is long and embarrassing: Condoleeza Rice, who is not only distinguished, accomplished, conservative and black; Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Janet Napolitano; IMF managing director Christine Lagarde; George W. Bush; David Horowitz, and Dr, Ben Carson are just a few. Students are taught, apparently, that they don’t need to hear ideas with which they might disagree. “Critical thinking” indeed.

University students across the country are engaged in another new fad, an attempt to rename campus buildings and streets, remove statues and change athletic team names in the name of changing past history into something more politically correct. Some people in the past who may have founded a university or contributed to it should be removed from history because long ago they did something that is not approved of today.

What all this tells future employers is that they might look elsewhere for workers. Students who have learned nothing in college but activism and mindless protest don’t really have much to offer an employer. There is, I understand, a critical shortage of welders,who are offered well over $50 an hour.

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And further cheapening the value of a college degree is the increasing number of companies who simply will not consider hiring anyone who doesn’t have one, no matter what the position actually entails. That person at the car rental counter? Has to have a college degree to do what is basically data entry. A local chemical company here requires a college degree for ALL positions… all the way down to the person driving the van that shuttles employees from location to location in the plant.


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