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Thomas Sowell On the Vulgar Pride of Intellectuals by The Elephant's Child

Peter Robinson talks to economist Thomas Sowell about his book “Intellectuals and Society.” Robinson and Sowell discuss the fact that intellectuals play a disproportionate role in society, as evidenced by linguist Noam Chomsky’s influence on liberal politics. Is a fancy education a high speed rail ticket to fallacy? Find out as Professor Sowell discusses the pride and fallacies of the intellectuals, in addition to the unused brilliance of the masses.

This is not a new video from Uncommon Knowledge, but still very appropriate, particularly with the peculiar events on our college campuses, what they are being taught, and the administrative reactions (or surrender) to students remarkable demands.

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This reminds me of Tom Wolfe’s take down of intellectuals, calling today’s version “rococo Marxists”. Who better to skewer his own tribe?


Comment by Ron Clutz

I always thought the current crop were those who avoided the Vietnam War by enrolling in a PhD program in the Humanities, and went on into academe, and since new faculty need be approved by old faculty, have mostly kept conservatives out. They were praised for their intellect all the way through school, and have been enraged by the high salaries of CEOs who are just a bunch of dummies who went to business school. Obviously capitalism and free markets are bunk or society would be rewarding them instead of a bunch of businessmen. Since they majored in the Humanities, they are largely unfamiliar with math and economics, but spread their venom through succeeding generations.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

You could call it the Revenge of the Humanities.


Comment by Ron Clutz

Good one!


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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