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Scare Tactics From the White House! by The Elephant's Child
April 7, 2016, 5:56 pm
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Hoh rainforest
From The Guardian (U.K.) “Climate change threat to public health worse than polio, White House warns”Obama administration report details the diversity of risks and claims global warming is a far more challenging danger than polio virus in some cases.” My goodness. That 0.05% by the end of the century is certainly responsible for an amazing reign of terror. I usually turn the furnace down a lot more than that each night.

“Every American is vulnerable to the health impacts associated with climate change,” John Holdren, the White House science adviser, told reporters on Monday. “Some are more vulnerable than others,” he went on.

These included pregnant women, children, the elderly, outdoor workers, low-income people, immigrants, communities of color and those with disabilities or pre-existing medical conditions.

The diversity of risks – and vulnerable populations – made climate change a far more challenging threat to public health than even the polio epidemics in the past in some regards, said Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general.

Dr. Murthy added that polio was eradicated with a specific vaccine, but “Climate change is not like that. There is not one single source we can target.” Well, yes there is—it’s called the sun.

Governments will gather at the U.N on April 22 to formally sign on to Obama’s Paris Climate pact — which if everybody faithfully agreed in every aspect till the beginning of the next century would reduce world temperatures by approximately 0.05%. Congress is not about to sign on to any such treaty, but Obama is hoping to scare people into pushing Congress to agree with him.

Earlier researchers have called attention to the risks of heatwaves, air pollution and illnesses borne by insects such as mosquitoes under climate change as well as the declining nutritional value of food staples such as wheat and rice. Last year, scientists warned that extreme heat could make outdoor work perilous and parts of the Middle East uninhabitable.

Gina McCarthy,head of the EPA, says greenhouse gasses are a threat to the public so severe that the agency has a responsibility to regulate climate change-causing emissions.  The greenhouse gasses are what makes possible life on earth. The major greenhouse gas is water vapor. or clouds. CO2 is a tiny part of the atmosphere, and the slight increase is greening the globe. If you remember your high school biology, we breathe in the air, use the oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. The plants use the CO2 as a natural fertilizer, and exhale the oxygen. It wouldn’t hurt a bit if we doubled the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. A greening world helps to feed a growing world.

The EPA is anxious to control our power supplies, bring down anything using fossil fuel (you must all buy electric cars) (oops, electric cars run on electricity mostly produced by fossil fuels) grab control of the nation’s water supplies right up to the drips from your downspouts. The diseases they claim are caused by global warming are asthma (doctors do not know the cause of asthma) and they blame mosquitos for malaria, especially in Africa, where they ban the use of DDT on the doorposts of huts—which would greatly reduce the prevalence of mosquitos. Ms. McCarthy, by the way, is not a scientist.

Fortunately, every now and then, some right-thinking idealist manages to tell the truth about what they’re really up to.

Climate Change affects not just hears and lungs, but also brains! That’s from a New Zealand paper. Visit Climate Depot for more: “Study: Heat kills 9,000 in USA and Cold Kills 144,000″


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