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Never Fear, DHS Is Keeping Us Safe! by The Elephant's Child


In March, Fox News reported that dozens of airport employees across the country have potential ties to terrorists, and now officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) admit that only three American airports require workers to go through security checks. This startling admission was delivered this week before a Senate Commerce Committee hearing. It  comes in the wake of a number of cases involving gun and drug-smuggling schemes conducted by airline employees at major American airports including those in Atlanta, New York and San Francisco.

Airport workers in each of the cases used their security badges to access secured areas without going through any checkpoints. Only three of the nation’s 300 airports, Miami, Orlando and Atlanta, actually require employees to pass security checks before starting to work. There is evidence of much illicit activity among airport workers. Government records obtained by the media found that 73 employees at nearly 40 airports across the country were found to have ties to terror organizations in a June 2015 report from the Inspector General’s office.Those files identified two at Logan International in Boston, four at Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta and six at Sea-Tac in Seattle.

There is an Aviation Security Advisory Committee, which meets four times a year to advise TSA.  Members include representatives from the trade unions involved like the Cargo Airline Association, and United Brotherhood of Carpenters. for example. They reported that most airports can’t afford daily screenings, and it wouldn’t “appreciably increase the overall system-wide protection” and added that “no single measure can provide broad-spectrum protection against risks or adversaries.” They concluded the screening of airport workers “is incapable of determining a person’s motivations, attitudes and capabilities to cause harm, among other limitations..” So, you see, screening isn’t really necessary at all. Not to worry.

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