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Freedom and Control. Why is it So Hard to Accept Human Nature as Immutable and Unchangeable? by The Elephant's Child
May 14, 2016, 9:08 pm
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Why is free speech so hard to understand? Why is freedom so hard to understand? It has a lot to do with understanding human nature. Conservatives are big on freedom, but even they don’t always  understand what it means. They see human nature as flawed, but do not expect perfection. We are greedy and rude, peaceful and warlike, lazy, hardworking, vain, stupid, brilliant and foolish. We make lots of mistakes, yet try to clean them up after we’ve made a mess. We admire things that turn out well, but don’t expect everything to do so.  In general we recognize human nature as unchangeable, but believe that if left free to create and think and study, with a little encouragement things will mostly turn out alright. America has been an earth-changing laboratory of the benefits of freedom.

The Left — Democrats, Progressives, Liberals believe that human nature is a mess, but can be fixed. And that’s what they aim to do. With the right people in charge to make the right laws, mankind can be adjusted, and there will be no more inequality, nor discrimination, nor anything that offends. Everyone will at last be equal, and there will be no more hate and no more wars. Everyone will get along as soon as the Left  has reached complete power and control, and put all the right edicts into force. It will all be wonderful, just you wait and see.

The problems of the world are caused by greed and jealousy, and that’s why it’s important to help the poor, succor the needy, and give everyone just enough stuff to keep them dependent on the government largess you have granted them. So the programs of the left are largely about manipulating the people. The Left does not accept human nature as fixed or immutable. That’s why they are so anxious to be put in charge — so they can go about the hard work of fixing everything. To fix things they really have to be in control, so they are constantly reaching out for more power. Leaving the people free —just isn’t in their vocabulary. There’s no telling what the people might do if not controlled.

Progressives regard their drive to make everyone equal as so morally superior that it should not be questioned. They do not understand why those who disagree with their position should not be silenced. Their ideas are right, their rules are needed, and their goals are indeed morally superior. If this seems to translate as smug, well, there you are. I give you Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, and the list goes on.

Who would ever have conceived that the President of the United States and his new Attorney General should order that all Ladies Rooms now be opened to “all” genders, so that those men who “identify” as women should not be discriminated against? And if the nation’s schools do not immediately open the girls’ locker rooms and showers to those men who “identify” as women, then the federal government will take them to court and take away their federal funds.  Matters of freedom and control are not just fanciful notions.

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