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Here’s 4,000 Years of Climate History! by The Elephant's Child


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Not quite what President Obama has in mind. Nor what all the fuss was about the “Paris Accords.” As the scientists keep telling us, it has been lots warmer in the past, and lots colder too. So there you are.

ADDENDUM: Please visit the comments to see a better version of this chart that is more detailed and eliminates the “hockey stick” false warming on which President Obama’s climate panic is based.

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After publishing the above graph, Andy May reconsidered that hockey stick modern warming at the end, and integrated with the superior quality Kobashi reconstruction. The new improved graph is here:

Click to access kobashi_central_greenland_temperatures.pdf


Comment by Ron Clutz

According to Roy Spencer’s satellite readings we’ve had the second largest 2-month drop in global average satellite temperatures. The second largest in the 37+ year satellite record. The largest was -0.43 in February 1988. I thought that was the hockey stick on the graph I posted. Forgive me, I don’t pretend to be a scientist.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

That’s ok. I know your heart is in the right place. Andy May revised the chart when he learned that the Alley reconstruction actually stopped after 1850. Since ice core proxies have resolutions around a century or so (that is, do not show temperature fluctuations of a few decades) it is misleading to splice onto a proxy an instrumental record with daily, monthly even annual measurements. No way that a 4000 year graph is showing monthly variations.
May’s revised graph is better because it uses the higher resolution Kobashi reconstruction.


Comment by Ron Clutz

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