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Two Videos That Everyone Needs to See! by The Elephant's Child

I am endlessly fascinated with what the Left attempts to accomplish with their recognition of the fact that most people are not very knowledgeable about the daily news, and only somewhat familiar with what the government is doing. They are thus enabled to tell major whoppers in the knowledge that if repeated frequently, people will believe them. Here is Hillary in her calm, executive, see how capable I am voice (rather than the screaming harridan of the campaign trail). This interview is a little over 25 minutes long, and if you don’t have much time, skip to 11.37 when it begins to get interesting, or to 15 min when you really get to the spectacular lies. if you have the time (27 min) it’s a good look at what Hillary proposes to do if she gets the chance. We should see to it that she doesn’t.

It’s a great interview Chris Wallace does a superb job of trying to pin her down, but she knows if she repeats her version of the emails often enough everybody will forget Trey Gowdy’s questions for FBI Director James Comey regarding the emails.

If you haven’t seen Trey Gowdy’s hearing  with FBI Dir. James Comey. don’t miss this one. Devastating for Hillary.

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there are lots of things i could wish for in my life – better health for me and my husband, ole folks that we are……that we had not lost our entire life savings in the 2008 democrat-engineered crisis, and did not have to depend on our social security checks, AND my husband still climbing on roofs in the winter to install internet in order to pay the bills….or maybe some grandchildren from our 33 and 35 year old sons…..lots and lots of things i could wish for……

it’s not at the top of my list, but somewhere in the top ten, you will find “waking up to find out hillary clinton shot herself with two different guns in marcy park”…….i’m sorry, but Christian charity only goes so far……


Comment by chuck

Something along the lines of “She slipped an fell on a knife. 19 times.”?


Comment by Lon Mead

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