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Judge Jeanine Pirro Explains Hillary Clinton. by The Elephant's Child

I don’t watch television, but get my news online or on the radio, ao I wasn’t really familiar with Judge Jeanine Pirro, but she went on a bit of a rant on Saturday that is really special.

You have probably guessed that I am a Republican— the American Elephants thing is  a clue. When the Clintons moved into the White House, I didn’t really know all that much about them. A political campaign is not exactly a good way to get to know the real candidate, and politics is a weird occupation — pays well though.

Living in the White House must be a strange change for most newly-elected Presidents and their families: big staff, little privacy, and you have the Secret Service to accompany you everywhere, for your safety and protection. It’s a thankless task. The service members are sworn to lay down their lives to protect the President and his (or her) family.

Hillary taught Chelsea to refer to the Secret Service men — as “the Pigs.” Then I learned that she called them, directly to their faces, in the most vulgar epithets, even when they made the simple mistake of saying “Good Morning.” Hillary has a mouth like a sewer. I knew the words existed, I’m not that naive, but I had never heard of them being directed to a public servant in such a situation. That’s not bad manners, it’s bad character.

She has never given me reason to change my opinion.


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You’re probably not ever going to get a reason to, either.

One of the main reasons that the press is kept at bay, access to her is limited, backstage areas at her speeches kept clear, and there are so few unscripted interviews and press events is that she is a truly unpleasant person. And she takes her bad mood out on anybody and everybody in range. The staff at the White House had regular work simply repairing and covering the scars from her outbursts and tantrums (she was big on throwing things).

This is the reason why I laugh when I hear her try and claim that Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be President.

(Two side notes: yesterday, America’s Highest Ranking Dim Bulb, aka VP Slow Joe Biden, tried the “Trump is not the man to have access to the nuclear codes” attack, and in the process pointed out the member of his detail who was carrying the nuclear codes. Bad. Very bad. Now Biden gets a whole new security detail (because replacing just the one that was outed puts the new guy in as much jeopardy as the one he outed) and ANOTHER lecture (he’s done similar gaffes in the past, both as VP and Senator) about how security works.
And this morning, Obama and VP candidate Tim Kaine had to warn Democrats not take Hillary’s lead for granted and not to “get cocky”; probably because they realize that Hillary is an unstable warhead waiting to go off. A couple of public meltdowns would likely finish her, and between the stress of campaigning and the investigations that she’s brought on herself, I think (and several people who know her seem to agree) that she’s right on the edge; if sh slips behind in the polls, watch for it to happen.


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