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Obama Keeps His Promises: 83,000 Unemployed and Lots of Misery –All for Nothing. by The Elephant's Child

Headline in The Daily Caller: “Obama Kept his Promise, 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost and 400 Mines Shuttered.” On Labor Day weekend, America has 83,000 fewer coal jobs and 400 fewer coal mines than it did when Obama was elected in 2008. Following through on his promise to “bankrupt” the coal industry. That represents a lot of misery for communities and unemployed workers, which will accomplish nothing, nothing at all — except the misery.

Before he headed overseas, President Barack Obama made a stop at Lake Tahoe to talk climate change, spending and environmental regulation, and exposed his lightweight understanding of all things climate along the way.

He asserted that climate change is “manmade” as a dogmatic fact. But climate has been changing for centuries. It has been far warmer in the past, and far colder as well. He insisted that “during the first half of this year, carbon pollution hit its lowest level in a quarter century.” Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant — it’s what we exhale every time we breathe. It is a natural fertilizer for plants and the very slight increase in carbon in the atmosphere has meant a greening world, and bumper wheat crops are helping to feed a hungry world, except Venezuela, of course.

Back in the 1960s Entomologist Paul Erlich declared that “the population bomb” would lead to mass starvation by the end of the 1970s. His close associate, John Holdren agreed, and here we are with famine and starvation becoming rarer and rarer, thanks to the slight increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. John Holdren, of course, is Obama’s science advisor.

Fracking did not cause the earthquake in Oklahoma. Oklahoma state regulators ordered 37 disposal wells used by frackers shut down because the Greens were out full force claiming that the technology that fueled America’s oil and natural gas boom naturally causes earthquakes.  U.S. Geological Survey seismologist William Ellsworth said he agrees with the research council that “hydraulic fracturing does not seem to pose much risk for earthquake activity.”

“The mixture used to fracture shale is a benign blend of 90% water, 9.5% sand and 0.5% of chemicals like sodium chloride (table salt) and the citric acid in orange juice. Drinking water aquifers are generally only a hundred feet deep. Shale formations in which fracking is employed are thousands of feet deep.”

Fracking itself is in fact saving the environment by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases the greenies hate. It does not slice and dice birds, including endangered species, en masse like wind turbines, nor does it fry them to a crisp like solar panel farms have done. And it does not cause major disastrous earthquakes.

The flood in Louisiana was not caused by global warming either.


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And it’s not just the mining jobs. Near here, in Erwin, TN, is a major railroad maintenance and repair facility. A majority of locomotives and rolling stock served the coal industry. When several of the mines in this area shut down, there wasn’t enough work to justify keeping the facility open, so everyone was laid off and the facility shuttered (but not sold off; it’s too big, and CSX hopes to use it again). So there went about 700 jobs.

Because of the decrease in business, several small diners in town have closed up, leading to more unemployment.

Because of the reduced tax revenue, Erwin and Unicoi County schools have had to delay some purchases, such as new school buses, and some maintenance needs have been delayed. There is also a hiring freeze.

Meth production, a serious problem in the area, is on the rise again. The Unicoi County Sheriff’s Dept doesn’t really have the funds they need to fight it.

But, hey good news for the Obama administration in all of this; the local unemployment office has added seven new jobs to deal with the caseload surge!

So that 83,000 coal jobs is just a starting point. Add to that the thousands of support jobs that have been lost, and then think about what all of THOSE jobs supported.

When it comes to needlessly wrecking local economies, I think this going to be a “success” that will somehow be overlooked when the time comes for choosing exhibits for the Obama presidential library.


Comment by Lon Mead

As he ruins Americans lives he spends 10 million registering newly landed immigrants to vote in November. Barry Turdstool is an act of treason. How is it that landed immigrants are allowed to vote ? We should follow France’s Lead. Millions of Citizens demonstrated in one protest In one place demanding upper castes professional political family dynasties in power to be removed from power. We need to replace ballot boxes with openended referendums so we can decide for ourselves the direction our nation is going. Ballots were installed when we were near literate. We are currently smarter the CLINTONS, BUSHES, OBOOTY-bathroom organizer, regimes who allow the federal reserve to ruin the show for millions/billions in their personal accounts and foundations. We need to exercise our constitutional rights and end these gangsters bare they end us.

On Wednesday, September 7, 2016, American Elephants wrote:

> The Elephant’s Child posted: ” Headline in The Daily Caller: “Obama Kept > his Promise, 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost and 400 Mines Shuttered.” On Labor Day > weekend, America has 83,000 fewer coal jobs and 400 fewer coal mines than > it did when Obama was elected in 2008. Following through on h” >


Comment by jackie cox

Oh of course it will be something he’s proud of. The more interesting thing is that European nations are catching on and getting rid of the turbines and solar panels and back to relying on cheap,reliable coal and natural gas.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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