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“Class” Sticks It’s Ugly Head into The Presidential Race by The Elephant's Child


Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” have their antecedents in Barack Obama’s “bitter-clingers” and “typical white person.” What is it with these people? I have certainly felt that Obama has deliberately stirred up racial angst in the interest of getting out the black vote for Hillary, for blacks turned out massively for the “first black president,” but  are not all that much interested in the first woman president. Hillary doesn’t mention that so much anymore, she has probably noticed that most people just don’t care.

Democrats are worried about this election, so they are pulling out all the stops. Every effort is being made to get as many new citizens sworn in as quickly as possible. Although forbidden by the courts in doing so, Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, is going to great lengths to pass out pardons to felons in his state and register them to vote, in spite of the State’s Supreme Court which told him he couldn’t do that. Democrats are usually dependent on vote fraud to win elections. We’re very familiar with that in Washington State.

But what is all the Class thing? Who are the working class? I thought most people worked for a living. But perhaps growing up rural, as I did, is different. I have always known some people with little education and little money and others who are fabulously wealthy, as did both of my parents. With all the safe spaces and triggering and other nonsense going on in our colleges and universities, people are losing what respect they once had for an Ivy-League education, as has been proven with the mess some Ivy-League grads have made of the country.

Democrats shut down coal-fired power plants and closed the coal mines that provided jobs to thousands of hard0working Americans, and then want to put them on welfare and sneer at them as “deplorables.” Most rural people who live lives closer to the weather and seasons, don’t find it all that unusual to have an occasional hot summer or a dry year, because they’ve seen those things so many times before. They often live near a wind farm and are familiar with the long stretches when there isn’t any wind at all, and the power back-up has to come from one of those power plants they are trying to shut down. And they are often a little dubious about “city people”who seem profoundly ignorant about rural America, and sneer at it as “flyover country.”

I grew up in a classless society. My ancestors came here to escape the burden of class divisions and created a country where the requirements to become President of the United States were to be a native born citizen of at least 35 years of age, and to  have been resident in the country for 14 years. Not a single thing in there requiring a Harvard degree, nor offering any special consideration to those who do have one.

The aim of all of Hillary’s graft seems to be the gated estate where she lives in upstate New York. Obama vacations on Martha’s Vineyard or a private beach in Hawaii, has parties for the wealthiest Hollywood stars and Silicon Valley executives, and tells his black constituents that he will be deeply insulted if they don’t turn out to support his chosen successor.

Whatever happened to “There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America — there’s the United States of America”? I guess that was then and this is now.

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Democrats have become dependent on having an opponent, an “Other”. Since they lack new ideas, they simply attack (the Politics of Personal Destruction is a Clinton trademark). “Us” vs “Them”, “the rich” vs “the poor” (now refined into “the rich” vs “the working class), and the old Democrat standby, “blacks” vs “whites” (currently distilled as “white privilege”, whatever that is) are all ways to try to divide the population to benefit the Democrat party; who cares if it causes resentment and animosity, since the goal is achieving power, not actually solving problems or helping anyone.


Comment by Lon Mead

I know, but it does become a bit galling when they start claiming to be the party that freed the slaves, suggest Lincoln was a Democrat, and blame the Republicans for the KKK.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

But still entertaining when (for example) they claim the failure of Detroit can be blamed on Republicans, even though the city has been run by Democrats at every level since the 60’s. How? Why, because there were, during that period, Republicans in the state legislature that wanted Detroit to fail! No one has yet been able to explain WHY a Republican would want a major city to fail, but logic is never a priority for conspiracy theories… or Democrats.


Comment by Lon Mead

Have you seen this one? or this
Nobody seems to mind much the slavery that continues to exist in Muslim lands, nor is anyone familiar with the fact that where it has been eliminated is thanks to the Royal Navy and the American Civil War? Republicans just don’t do a very good job of shooting down the attacks, which aren’t about the evils of slavery at all.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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