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Is the Election Rigged? Is it Unacceptable to Ask? by The Elephant's Child

voters-vote-in-a-voting-b-007After the second debate, several prominent conservative sites again had the vapors. Donald Trump suggested that the votes were rigged, and to suggest any such thing was just beyond the pale. How dare he suggest a rigged vote!

After this third debate, we had the same thing. Donald Trump refused to state flatly that he would accept the results of the vote, and it was another hissy fit. He is suggesting… How dare he…. Madison and Jefferson would…

At the same time. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has some Democrat activists, notably  one Scott Foval, deputy political director at People for the American Way, saying they had been busing people in from other states to vote illegally, for fifty years. They “manipulated the vote” and devised extensive methods of avoiding suspicion. (If  you have not watched the two videos, you should.) After the videos were released, Scott Foval and Bob Creamer were fired. It was noticed that Bob Creamer had visited the White House 342 times. To talk to whom? A Wikileaks Podesta email says it’s OK for illegal aliens to vote if they have a driver’s license. The top election official in Indiana says she has found thousands more incidents of what she characterized as potential “voter fraud.” Several states have noted dead people voting. New Yorkers who have a second home in Florida end up voting in both states. But suggesting a rigged vote is unacceptable?

Republicans have tried to clear up suspicions of vote fraud by requiring photo ID to vote. You cannot enter the Justice building without photo ID, buy an airline ticket, write a check, open a bank account  or visit the doctor, but the very suggestion that you should have photo ID to vote, elicits screams of “Racism” from the Democrats.

So please explain why it is supposed to be shocking that Donald Trump would suggest that the media is rigging the election, or that failing to say he would immediately accept the results of the election is beyond question, and unacceptable.

Here in Washington State we have been forced to accept a mail-in ballot system, one that most poll watchers say is most ripe for fraud. That came after there was a huge scandal when Christine Gregoire was elected on the third re-count after a new package of ballots was found in a back room somewhere or other. We have seen  years when, gosh, those military ballots just didn’t get back from overseas in time to be counted.

Each of us American citizens have a single vote, and we really want it to be counted. It is inconceivable that some people just don’t bother voting. And we really do expect a clean and fair election.

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If it’s unacceptable to ask ‘public servants’ – “Is the election is rigged?” then it is, and by those same ‘public servants’.


Comment by ScienceABC123

I think we have sort of two conversations going on. Those who are so offended by the suggestion that the election might be “rigged” are talking about the honor of state governments who count and manage elections. Those who suggest “rigging” are talking about Bob Creamer and Scott Foval, the latter who said they have been busing in ‘voters’ from out of state for fifty years, and the military votes from overseas that mysteriously don’t arrive on time and thus are not counted, and the ineligible non citizens who vote (Was it Creamer who said that anyone who had a driver’s license could vote), and all the Democrat-run states that have insisted on giving driver’s licenses to illegals supposedly so their driving could be monitored.

Here in Washington State we had a governor’s election that was so close it depended on recounts, and on the third recount an extra box of ballots just happened to be found in a back room and Christine Gregoire was elected. So now we have mail-in ballots which the experts say are one of the easiest ways to cheat. And then there was the Democracy Alliance’s “Secretary of State Project” designed to elect Democrat Secretaries of State in all the states (they are in charge of elections). And of course the dead people voting, the New Yorkers who have homes in Florida voting in both venues, and the screams of “racism” when a state tries to require voter ID. But saying that any of those coincidences amount to rigged elections is unacceptable. It isn’t those public servants, it’s the contractors and workers in the shadows, so who do you charge and who do you put in jail?

President Obama said he and former Atty.Gen, Eric Holder will embark on a program to legally challenge all the redistricting that Republicans have ‘illegally’ done to gerrymander districts, after he leaves office.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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