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So Little Time, So Many Really Bad Ideas, And Some People Have Already Voted. by The Elephant's Child

575x323xhillary-angry-575x323-jpg-pagespeed-ic-yslmeuq_rehvu7mvdzdzI tried to watch, but I just couldn’t take much of it. I know how we came to be inflicted with these two candidates, but here we are. Hillary would never have come to public attention had she not married Bill Clinton, who in spite of his enormous failings, was a very talented politician. John Hinderaker mentioned that this is the first time that “service” as First Lady is offered as a qualification for the presidency.

She has terrible judgment, is a complete economic ignoramus, and requires enormous amounts of coaching to get through an appearance. I find her trick of personalizing every issue “I’ve met those women and…because of that non-existing meeting I really know everything about the problem and how to solve it,”offensive. I think she’d already tried that one 3 or 4 times before I turned her off.  She is well coached—if the talk turns to this uncomfortable subject, charge Trump with the Russians, or demand that he release his tax returns or…

Donald Trump has no skill as a debater. He did better tonight than last time, He does not recognize big openings, and is not  prepared with specific answers. An example was the question on abortion. Planned Parenthood does abortions and provides birth control. They are not a health care organization. They do not screen for cancer, they do not have the equipment in any of their locations.

Partial-birth abortion in the third trimester is an ugly and unnecessary procedure. Because the baby is too big at that late date to be born normally, the head must be crushed to get the baby out of the birth canal. Understandably, a lot of people object, and unless there is an unusual threat to the life of the mother, should go under the category ‘you should have thought of that earlier.’

It’s when you turn to economic questions that Hillary really demonstrates her complete ignorance. Beginners and low-skill workers are offered a minimum wage because they aren’t worth much and businesses have to teach them how to work. The rules of supply and demand come in here. There is a nearly unlimited supply of beginners and low-skill workers. Easy to get someone else. Forcing businesses to pay a higher minimum wage simply means fewer beginners will be hired, and there will be high unemployment for the low-skilled.

Both Hillary and Nancy Pelosi are sure that if you give food stamps or more unemployment benefits to the poor, they will spend that money, and it will circulate from hand to hand, as they buy groceries, the grocer will buy something he wants, and so on, and the money will somehow magically grow in the process. Seems goofy, but that’s what they think. You see how much that growth has expanded the economy in the last 8 years.

Economies grow with new businesses and new ideas and more expansion of existing businesses.  You don’t do that with food stamps. You also don’t do it by taxing the rich to build “infrastructure.” Roads and bridges, except in the interstate highways, are the business of the states, not the federal government. You don’t just say ‘new highway’, and it happens. There are plans and approvals, legislation, votes, environmental impact statements, protests, lawsuits. It can take years. Remember Obama’s sheepish admission: “I guess there aren’t really any shovel ready jobs.”

Here’s another common sense intrusion. Poor people don’t create jobs, and middle class people don’t create that many new jobs either, unless they have considerable backing.  It’s people who have some extra money to invest who create jobs and growth. They are investing in the hope of growing their investment. When there is the hope of getting investors, people start new businesses. When there is the hope of getting investors, people take the chance of bringing their idea to fruition. Leftists always want to fix things by taking more money from the rich. They believe that money be dispensed by the government, because they’re smarter than the rest of us doofuses.

The people in government regard the rest of us with contempt, disdain, and they think we are ignorant. No wonder they assume that things must be done by government. They’re painfully wrong, as the last eight years demonstrate. One percent growth is not an accomplishment.

Hillary is going to grow the economy with infrastructure (been there, did that, didn’t work) and create jobs with more people building solar panels (been there, done that,didn’t work—think Solyndra). She’s still blabbing about equal pay for women. Is any woman impressed by this? Equal pay for women doing the same job as a man has been fixed law since 1963. Oddly enough, the women working for Hillary are paid considerably less than the men. All hat, no cattle. (old joke)

She’s also advocating more government job training. There are lots of different estimates about how many job-training programs there are currently, but it ranges around 47-49, none particularly effective.

I don’t know what we would get with Donald Trump. His basic economic plan is excellent and tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy will free up lots of money to be invested. What are they going to do with it, stick it in a mattress? They will invest it, and those investments supply the new money that the economy is hungering for. It’s called supply-side economics, and worked for Jack Kennedy and for Ronald Reagan for whom it began a 20-year boom in the economy.

Democrats believe that all good things must pass through the hands of the government. Why they believe that so firmly is a mystery, because there is almost nothing that the federal government does well. There are some things that are so big that they must be done by government, but they are done badly. Think VA, FBI, EPA and so on and so on.That’s why Republicans urge small government. The less they are in charge of, the fewer things they can screw up, and they won’t need so much of our money to do it, which will leave us free to be more creative with our own money.  Have big ideas, and create new things.

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You convey your thoughts well…but you should get your facts straight. JFK was not a “Supply Sider”.
He was the first “Keynesian” president.

In 1962 top marginal tax rate was 91 percent, which JFK wanted reduced to a “more sensible” 65 percent.
Are you good with that?
A phrase from one of his speeches was parsed by Republican Jack Kemp to falsly support the narrative you write of. This was done to pair an empirically failed policy of Supply Side with Kennedy to sway Dems.
History has shown that lower taxes do not lead to more and better “jobs” nor to increased investments that grow the economy and create jobs.(IE: Most recently Bush tax cuts) That is wishful thinking.
Remember it’s not Supply and Demand, it’s Demand and Supply….The best job creator is a customer.(minimum wage during JFK’s terms was equivalent to just under $12/hr in todays value)



You are correct, of course, that JFK was not a “supply-sider.” but a healthy cut in the tax rates did its usual positive work in the economy. You are getting more technical with terms than I intended, but you can’t create demand by ordering businesses to raise the minimum wage. I live in the Seattle area, and the city of SeaTac (the area around the Seattle-Tacoma airport) raised their minimum wage last year. It’s an area of airport services, motels, restaurants, bars, etc. What happened was the hotel workers got charged for parking, and their benefits were cut back. Restaurant workers had to pay for their meals, and many were laid off, and most regretted their push for a raise in the minimum wage because they felt worse off. Seattle has passed a gradual increase, and now it is on the statewide ballot in the coming election. Already hurt Seattle, and I will vote against the statewide increase. Most businesses that pay minimum wage to their beginners or low-skill workers have very narrow profit margins, like grocery stores do, and make their profit on overall volume. You will notice that most grocers now have automated lanes to “speed up the check out process.” A number of my favorite small businesses have gone out of business, thanks to Obamanomics.

The average minimum wage worker, if they learn how to work, gets a raise within 6 months (nationally). Sullen bag-boys who feel put-upon at having to carry one’s groceries out to their car don’t get raises. A business cannot operate at a loss just because an ignorant government demanded a pay raise. You are mistaken. It is supply and demand, and Keynes was a flop.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Jeremiah 29:7’s message – Pray your homeland prospers, if it does, you shall also prosper.
People have said both candidates are ‘equally’ bad. They aren’t.
There’s one who intends to do good for the country & one who means it harm.

Pretend we didn’t know either candidate’s past, we only knew what each would do if elected.
According to her private speeches, HRC desires a ‘Borderless Hemispheric Common Market.’
– In other words, an end to a sovereign America –

The end of America!
Tears would fall in Heaven from the faces of countless patriots looking down from above.
How do you even begin to calculate the blood spilled over two centuries preserving America?

Hillary dreams of creating a superstate combining N&S America. We know this because we’ve had a look behind the curtain, seeing her remarks to foreign bankers she never intended for us to see.

How dare she? Who is voting for her to dismantle our country?
Who’d stop her? Our current crop of Republicans?
A broken justice system that does not uphold the law or punish criminal activity at the national level?

The US is the Cadillac of the West Hemisphere. Everyone else is an old Yugo. The Yugo drivers would love the wealth redistribution, but what happens to Your standard of living if we combine economies?

Leftists listen to you only until they win. WikiLks let us see behind the curtain. Once In office, they pursue Their Own Agenda. Proof? Did they care about PubOpin passing Obacare? Opposition to gay marriage? Gender/bathrooms? Publics low priority re ClimateChange? Bailouts, Affirmative Action? Or illegal immigration? Opinion polling showed huge opposition to all these issues.

The Left has contempt for Constitution, circumventing it w ExecOrders. Calling it a ‘living document,’ they consider it malleable instead of inflexible. Not so. It isn’t playdough. But a Leftist SC will side with them & rubber-stamp their agenda, & allow unconst’l ExecOrders to stand. We’ll find the 1st & 2nd amendments under assault, and many other freedoms as well.

The next Prez may have 3-4 SC appoints. If it’s HRC, our kids & theirs will celebrate no Tricentenial.

Mr Trump, warts & all, wants America 1st. John 8:7 says, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the 1st stone.’
Donald Trump is a sinner, as are we all, but he won’t dismantle the very nation that enriched him.
– They are not equal –


Comment by Jim Mayer

Yep. You’ve got it.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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