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And Just Who and What is the Real Hillary Rodham Clinton? by The Elephant's Child

rs-hillary-clinton00-14dd2339-a1e8-4e17-81f1-d42f597558f3In a previous post, I asked “But why is Hillary running? Yes, yes, she wants to be the first woman president, but what precisely do we get out of it?”  We the people that is. What does she want to do that will make America better if we should elect her?

It seems that Hillary “began conducting focus groups and polling swing state voters as early as December 2014 to figure out how to brand herself and find a “rationale” for running for president.”

Nearly two years before the election, Clinton’s team circulated a timeline of research objectives for which the nascent campaign would spend $2 million on focus groups and surveys, according to recently released hacked emails.

A “fundamental question” was how to brand Hillary as either “Badass/hip,” or a “Grandma.”

“Attached is an updated summary of the research process and a budget,” Robby Mook, who would become Clinton’s campaign manager, emailed on Dec. 8, 2014. “I want to emphasize that THIS *WILL* CHANGE because the team will have better ideas on methodology and the strategy will evolve as the project progresses.”

They figured on a $2 million budget for their research, maybe less, but didn’t want to ignore thoroughness and quality.

Twenty-four focus groups and 13,200 interviews with voters were to be held before the campaign launched in April 2015. It included 500 interviews with 18 to 28 year-olds, a demographic that supported Bernie Sanders in the primary. He was kind of cute with that great shock of white hair, but clearly, as has subsequently proven out, they have no idea what Socialism and Communism were or are all about.They aren’t much on geography anyway, and probably have no idea where Venezuela is, or what the history of Cuba is all about.

The focus groups tested stuff like colors, type fonts, humor and imagery. This is old news for the Clintons who made extensive use of focus group testing when they were in the White House. Nothing was left to chance.They thought that immigration and trade might be issues for Hillary.

According to Wikileaks, the campaign was considering pandering to black voters with a “Yo Mama” joke. but it got nixed at the last  minute.

Jokes are rehearsed and focus group tested. Economist Stephen Moore had a column at Investors in which he charges Hillary with hypocrisy.

In the modern history of American politics has there ever been a bigger hypocrite than Hillary Clinton?  Her 30 years in politics has taught us clearly that  Hillary lives by one set of rules and wants to impose different rules for everyone else.

She constantly accuses Donald Trump of transgressions that she has been caught red handed of herself.

She sermonizes about a code of conduct that she and her husband and her operatives routinely violate.  We have learned from her emails that she has two personas: she tells voters one thing and her donors the opposite.

Do read the whole thing. He illustrates with quotes from Hillary—which he completes with the real facts. It’s pretty funny.

Well, test everything, then rehearse the jokes until you have them down pat. Use the right colors and type font to encourage belief and confidence. You can’t believe your own lying eyes, and you certainly can’t believe Hillary.

Unintended Consequences, or Truth is Stranger than Fiction. by The Elephant's Child

hillary-scowlThis struck me as hilarious: from The Washington Free Beacon—the headline “Clinton Campaign Bars Employees from Using Personal Email Accounts.”

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign prohibits employees from using a personal email address to conduct official business, according to a hacked copy of its employee handbook.

“Staff are provided an e-mail account for Campaign business use only. Employees must use their Campaign-provided e-mail accounts for all correspondence regarding or related to the Campaign’s business,” the handbook states.

“Employees cannot use personal email addresses (.gmail,
i cloud, etc.) to conduct Campaign business.”

“Failure to retain documents subject to a litigation hold can result in the imposition of harsh fines and other penalties on HFA and, in some cases, on the individual,” the document advised.

Immigrants: Don’t Vote for What You Fled! by The Elephant's Child

The Tipping Point! by The Elephant's Child

angry-public-meetingThere are a remarkable number of buzz-words being tossed wantonly around the media: nationalism, corruption, elitism, populism, reactionary, criminalization, Islamophobia, globalization, sexism, and of course—racism—that all-purpose word when clear thought goes haywire. How many of these epithets can you clearly define? Thought so, me neither.

Donald Trump has been quite precise about why he is running. He wants to Make America Great again, Great Big Wall,  deportation of criminal aliens, care for veterans, renegotiation of trade deals,  some very good ideas for economic growth, some not quite so much.

But why is Hillary running? Yes, yes, she wants to be the first woman president, but what precisely do we get out of it?

My understanding is that the American people are pretty angry about ObamaCare, and even more so now that they have announced an average 25% increase in cost. Obama has left our borders wide open and told the Border Patrol to pay no attention. Criminal aliens are not deported or come right back in. On top of that he is offering “asylum” to Syrian refugees, except that most of them aren’t Syrian, and we can’t tell where they’re from because Syrian passports are available cheap, and there is no government and nobody can be vetted.

There is a list of the reasons why one may ask for asylum. The very first reason is religion—if one fears persecution because of their religion, they may be admitted. Chopping off of heads and being burned alive or crucified would seem to qualify as persecution, but President Obama does not recognize Christians as being among those needing asylum.

Obama seems more interested in placing his asylum-seekers in strong Republican districts in the expectation that new immigrants will vote Democratic.

The American people are not anti-immigrant, they are anti-wide open borders. We have a great many people who have applied through the proper channels for American citizenship, and are parked on a years-long wait list, but those who cross our Southern border are instantly welcome.

The American people have noticed that construction, building and landscaping crews are mostly Mexican, while unemployed citizens cannot find jobs, and the media usually prattle on about jobs Americans won’t do. Criminal illegal aliens who have been deported previously return to commit more crimes.  Canada and Australia calmly admit those who offer some talent that will be useful to their countries.

The corruption in government has been so widespread that there is hardly an agency that has not had a major scandal—the EPA, the IRS, the VA, FBI, FDA, ACA, HSA, FEMA, DHS, DOJ and on and on. Yet no one is fired, nothing changes. Budgets that should be slashed are passed in omnibus bills and nothing is cut. Google “Federal acronyms” for a shocking display of the size and reach of the federal government, yet nothing is cut, nothing is ended, and Congress turns more and more of its assigned work of making laws and regulations over to the uncounted and unaccountable agencies.

The reasons that people are fed up are myriad. One person’s outrage may not phase another who is angry about something else entirely. America seems no longer the most powerful nation, but indecisive, pandering, weak.

The young communists of the Black Lives Matter movement are causing and encouraging riots and attacks on the Police, and they are invited to the White House.

We make a huge deal of new relations with Communist Cuba, without a single concession from the Castros, as a great accomplishment. And just what was the tipping point for you? Yet Obama remains more popular than either of our presidential candidates. Why?

I’m not at all sure that I understand this presidential campaign at all.

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